Yoga Journal #84: Weekends

Having a little check in on the January habits and routine thing. I’ve definitely noticed it’s easier to keep the habits up over the week than it is over the weekend when the “usual” routine shifts slightly in any case – we wake up later, usually have coffee in bed and the day starts there rather than from the morning routine of yoga, hot lemon and water and a few minutes of journaling. The past two nights I’ve gotten home late from teaching (the road was closed two nights ago and no buses running up the hill) so I haven’t had time to properly set up my day as per what I had set out in my evening routine and it shows the next day. I definitely feel way more in control of my day when I stick to the morning habits and evening habits – but it isn’t always the easiest! The hardest thing for me still is without a doubt putting my phone away. I think from next week I will try getting a regular alarm clock (what IS that even?) and making a rule for myself that the phone only comes out after 8. Or 9. We’ll see how we go on that. ha!

I haven’t quite hit the “recommended water intake” for normal functioning humans, but I have definitely become a lot more aware about drinking water – and I have found that (as gross as it may be for some people) having my water warm in my water bottle encourages me to drink more! I absolutely hate being cold and I just can’t bring myself to drink cold water when it’s 3 degrees outside. Whatever works I suppose. In terms of exercise I would say I haven’t been that on game either – I have done yoga every day – but I think that because yoga is so much a part of my every day life – that I don’t really count it as exercise any more! Which is strange because it can definitely get the blood pumping and the muscles working. (Just as an aside, my phone that is lying face down next to me right now has just made a little alert, but I am resisting with everything in me, not to look at it. *well done self*). I’ve run once this week, but I would like to include some more cardio/runs (SO FREAKEN HARD WHEN IT’S ARCTIC OUTSIDE) and some weight training next week.

It’s been easy for me to keep up the gratitude section of the print out I created. I have also ordered a day planner via a kickstarter campaign I found and have printed out some of the pages before the actual planner arrives. They also detail a section for “5 things I am grateful for” so I’ve been doubling up on the feel good factor. I have read, seen, heard, again and again and again the power of waking up within a framework of gratitude. It’s actually slightly more challenging (I find) creating a gratitude list first thing in the morning (which seems to be the recommended thing), because unlike at the end of the day when you can quickly run through your day and pick out the best bits (“hooray! the bus arrived!” or “sushi for supper!”) doing it in the morning kind of gives you a blank slate and you have to revert back to some of the more foundational things that make you grateful: good health, family and friends, a roof over your head.

So anyway, my phone has just buzzed again, it’s probably an emergency,

I’d better check.

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