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My mission is to give people the tools and inspiration they need to unlock their highest potential whilst living a more joyful and purposeful life. My aim is to see the people of this community thrive through a loving connection to their bodies and minds through the practice of yoga and through reigniting their individual creativity.

I believe that everyone has wild creative potential which unfortunately in today's world gets trapped behind fear and feelings of inadequacy.

In my own journey, the practice of yoga and meditation has given me such an incredible perspective and reflection on these thought patterns and it's enabled me to identify and help shift those thought processes in others.

I believe that creativity is one of the elements crucial to our wellbeing and to the connection we have with our intuition.

Creativity, whether "good"/"bad"/messy/knitted/sung/danced/filmed/journaled/drawn/spoken brings connection to our inner selves and fulfilment to the soul! The breath is spoken about again and again in the yoga practice and just as the breath is vital to our “having life”, creativity is vital to us truly LIVING.

It’s at this point of convergence between the practice of yoga and the practice of creativity that has brought me where I am today and I’d love for you to join me on this journey!


To help fulfil my mission, I've developed a 7 week creative/yoga self discovery journey, facilitated through 2-to-1 online coaching sessions. I also have a members site where all the elements of yoga, meditation, journaling and creativity combine for you in a mix of  guided meditations, full length yoga classes and tutorials, prompts,  creative exercises, soul work, philosophy, mindset work and a sprinkling of fun.

If you are looking for some fun yogi-stationery pop over to my shop or if you are looking for custom graphic work you can take a look at my portfolio site

the personal bit about

I am originally from South Africa and have a journalism degree specialising in communication and graphic design. I’ve always loved doodling and creating and my parents sent me to art classes from a very young age and my mom constantly had arts and crafts on the go for us!

As a small child I remember keeping a little notebook wherever I went so that I could write down any funny jokes, witty comments or greeting card ideas that I saw in the shops that I would later turn into greeting cards of my own - I’m such a paper-hoarder that I’m sure if I searched for it, I’d probably still find it somewhere!

At Rhodes university in South Africa I met (under bizarre circumstances) a dashing fellow named Warren. We dated for about 8 months (which included a lot of pizza eating and movie watching as I recall) and then parted ways as he finished his degree and headed to the UK.

Two years later when I completed my degree I headed on my own, to South Korea to teach English. I lived and worked for 4 years just north of Seoul and absolutely loved it! Warren and I kept in touch during this time as friends (read: Facebook stalking) - as we were both involved with other people. Just as my contract in South Korea was coming to an end Warren messaged and asked if I wanted to visit him in London - I was hesitant at first, but on the persistence of my friends, I flew over to visit him for two weeks. Flying back to South Korea from that trip, I knew it was absolutely the right thing to have done -a few months later, after backpacking South East Asia with my brother and returning home to South Africa, Warren flew out to surprise me… and proposed! You can read the full story here. (I'm biased, but it's definitely worth the read!)

One year, to the day, later - we were married.

We had a small “catastrophe” involving a dog, a hard-drive and our professional wedding photographers photos - meaning: we didn’t get any. In an attempt to “re-create” our wedding album, wherever we’ve been on holiday, we’ve taken our wedding kit with us as snapped some “wedding photos” from around the world. So far we have “wedding snaps” in France, Spain, Amsterdam, Belgium, Australia, England, South Africa and India - you can see more on Instagram here.

  • On every “wedding dress adventure” that we’ve been on, my dress has always remained the same (obviously). But for Warren, each place we’ve been, we’ve tried to embody the spirit of the location in the style of the clothing that he’s chosen to wear, and the accessories that I add to my dress. In India, he wore a loose fitting kaftan shirt and flower garlands, at the Sydney Opera House hipster braces, on the border of Finland and Sweden we wore woollen beanies and furry wraps. Here, in the rice paddies of Sideman, Bali we went for a sarong, wicker hat and a frangipani in my hair. 🌸
Style, to honour the location of our global wedding album. 💕🙌🏽 #whpmystyle @instagram 
  • I’d take no wedding photos in exchange for a love this big, every single. time. 💕 .
Styled shoot by 📷 @katforsyth 💐@bohotanical 💄 @idobridalhairmakeupbycg 
#weddingdressadventures #rockthefrock #trashthedress #rtwweddinggowns #couplegoals #inspiredbride
  • One day we’ll look back at all these adventures and think how lucky we were to have our wedding photos lost! And one day maybe even our children will look at these photos and realise how cool we are for making lemonade from lemons. 🙌🏽 🍋 .
Also patiently waiting for @theellenshow to hear our story and fly us to New York so we can take some more wedding dress adventures!! (Am i right?!?) 🤪 #weddingdressadventures #theellenshow 📷 @katforsyth 💄@idobridalhairmakeupbycg 💐 @bohotanical
  • Two days ago marked us being married for exactly four years and 8 months. We don’t usually celebrate random monthly dates, but I happened to notice the date, but our house was busy and things were happening so I sent Warren a secret whatsapp message (even though he was right in the house with me) he only got the message several hours later... and that was that. 💕 new post up on the site now! 
#smokebomb #weddingdressadventures #styledshoot #weddinginspo 
@idobridalhairmakeupbycg @katforsyth @bohotanical and Gemma Pass make up 💕
  • Now that my NEW website is up I’m ready to dive into some CONTENT CREATION AND SHARING this year! 2018 goals! starting next week with sharing this epic styled shoot we did with @katforsyth 💕😍 HOORAY!! #trashthedress #aroundtheworldwedding #whpresolutions2018 #smokebomb #rockthefrock

After moving to London, I was introduced to yoga by a friend who needed a guinea pig to practice her teaching on.

Yoga took me by FORCE.

I very quickly saw, felt and noticed the amazing affect it had on my body, mind, and the way I interacted with the people around me. My relationships with others improved ten-fold. My relationship with myself improved even more. I completed my first 200 hour teacher training in London registered with Yoga Alliance and 2 years later completed my advanced 300 hour training in India.

I now lead classes, workshops and retreats in London and abroad. It brings me great fulfilment to bring the benefits that I have experienced of yoga - to others.


Dotted line
  • MORNING LARK OR NIGHT OWL Night Owl. (totally)
  • NUMBER OF YOGA LEGGINGS I OWN 20. (That's a lie, it's probably closer to 30)
  • FAVOURITE YOGA POSE for now… forearm stand, tomorrow probably downward dog.
  • GUILTY PLEASURE Washi tape. ALL the Washi tape.
  • 3 FAMOUS DINNER GUESTS Edward Monkton, Michael McIntyre and Baddie Winkle. That would be some GOOD lols.
  • WEIRD FEAR Frogs. *Particularly frogs jumping into my ears at night.
  • RANDOM FACT Cannot fall asleep without a piece of hair covering my ear. See above.
  • THE PERFECT DAY Sleeping in, meditation, yoga, art journaling, sunshine, market shopping, being outside, husband time, cheese and red wine, movies, popcorn, dark chocolate, cuddles. (basically, last Sunday).