Yoga Journal #75: Timing is everything.

Went to Jessica for a second round of Hypnotherapy – will see how it goes! Offered to teach her a yoga class before – I was slightly off in the timing so left out 2 standing postures to get back on track – was trying to figure out why – think we spent a bit of time dealing with a yoga mat issue and then shuffling around the space – so will put it down to that!

Jess feedback was that she loved it – especially coming back to the intention which we had set at the beginning as being at peace with where we are today in the body or perhaps moving with love and kindness. She liked the adjustments and was amazed at how much further she could go with her body – she said that it makes such a difference having a yoga teacher watching you specifically and adjusting to your needs. I agree!

Decided to book a one-to-one with Holly for after Easter – am excited for it – because I know how good it will be!

Had Mysore style practice this evening – I kept looking at my watch and keeping pace – it seemed that everyone was WAY ahead of me – some had even finished the entire thing before I had got to the end of the seated sequence – which freaked me out and made em question and doubt Warren’s 1980’s digital wrist watch! (That he had when he was 10!) haha

At the end though, Holly commented that Hayley, Holly and I got timing gold stars. Well done self! Think the timing is slightly different when you aren’t teaching!

Philosophy exam was good – like the paper!

Came home to Warr’s message saying to look in the drawer – where he had wrapped up another two gifts for me! Some lovely yoga vests  – will wear one to my prac exam!

My wish is for every girl in this world to find a man like him. He is so amazing and thoughtful. But not SPECIFICALLY him – because he’s taken! hehe!

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