Yoga Journal #76: Prac Exam and Train delays

Woke up early although I hardly slept at all! Was too nervous/excited / i don’t know what!?

Had a green smoothie for breakfast then headed down to post office to post some orders. Bought some juices and gift for Holly and just felt calm, awesome, prepared and ready for this

Spent the morning just gently walking thought the sequence, then an hour before doing a really proper walk through.

I caught a bus with loads of time to spare and ended up at Waterloo WAY ahead of schedule. Got onto the Jubilee line at Waterloo – got onto a train and then just sat there. Eventually with the time running out till my exam (thinking I may have to defer for another three months/year etc) I made a call to get off the tube, run up the stairs, run to an ATM, draw money, find a cab, give directions and get to Bermondsey and hitting 11 red lights out of a possible 12. My heart was absolutely pounding  – I was getting/feeling anxious and the first thought that came to my mind was WOW! I’m so grateful for this feeling of stress because to teach a yoga class after this I will be SO completely relaxed! It’s strange how after 3 months, your perspective on everything from traffic jams and train delays and EVERYTHING can completely change.

My world has been completely changed.

The teaching went so well. It felt amazing, authentic, genuine, real, awesome.

Holly gave us some feedback straight away – passed both exams with 100% and great feedback from the teaching prac.

SO happy.

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