Yoga Journal #74: Confidence, comfort, gratitude.

BUSY DAY! Woke up and headed to the printers to get orders printed, then rushed to post office to ship off orders. Then to shops – even bought a mint pot plant to try recreate the juice that Siobhan made. Literally cycling in my bike, with my mint pot plant in my basket with my canvas tote bag of groceries – felt so fucking organic.

Hayley came round to so some teaching practice it’s always very different teaching someone who has done the training- they pace is much faster even thought we get through the same amount of postures – I guess though with someone completely new, you as the teacher have to be OS much more alert whereas the people who are also training with you already know all the asanas and sequences so tend to move into them on their own.

She gave me some really nice feedback – said she felt like it was a completely different class to when I taught her in training on Sunday – think my comfort and confidence is growing day by day and I am absolutely loving it!

It was also great to just chat a bit – fell so lucky to have met so many wonderful people – who all have similar interests to me me! Feeling SO excited!

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