Yoga Journal #69: Giving Birth

Pregnant Yogi! It was Such fun! Grew SO attached to the little bump they made us put into our tops! (Jumpers!). It really is amazing how much more the movement is restricted – and that is without the actual weight to go with it!

Went through a Q & A after – was SO interesting to hear about yoga and the Golden thread breath. Had NO idea that birthing in the modern world would be so primal – but I guess it’s the most primal act that modern science (other than C-sections) haven’t been able to interfere with!

Had a full hour of teaching – really loved it – taught Kamilia – I did think that I would be better than I felt about it – but Kamilia loved it which is a good sign! I think I am just so desperate to be SUCH an amazing yoga teacher that I have definitely put a lot of pressure on myself – think I need to take more of a “yogic” approach – just breathe and let go of the attachment to outcome, and just let the yoga come through me to the people who need it.

Comments from Holly to work on the energy within the class – not starting with too much energy then burning out – but rather developing a subtle energy at the beginning and working to higher peeks within the standing sequences and then tapering off towards the end like a bell curve. Makes a lot of sense. Also addition of more layering of language  – will work on that for tomorrow!

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