Yoga Journal #16: My First Hot Power Yoga.

Just got back from my first ever HOT power yoga session at a hot power yoga studio nearby. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to enjoy a yoga class again! ha!

The space was really cool – candles, heated wooden floor – although it was pretty loud and weird sounding when people are walking around you. (Possibly won’t lie quite so close to the door next time!).

Things I loved about the class: teacher was confident and gave some options/modifications of using a brick – there wasn’t too much of a real warm up besides one or two Surya Namaskara A and then a modified version. Teacher was good natured and asked us to greet our neighbour which was really nice – we had a palm to palm with our neighbour though which I presume would have been nice for some but after a sweaty hot power yoga session – possibly not so nice for others!

The transition going from 3 legged downward dog to table top (Purvottanasana variation) didn’t really work for me! The wrists are not the right way round and there was no real space to shift over in such a crowded class setting. Made a mental note of that during practice. So clearly I wasn’t in a very “chitta vritti nirodha” state. I also felt the “OM” at the end of the class was so LOUD and SHOUTY – it felt too harsh and forced – perhaps I have just become accustomed to the super soft and peaceful way that we have been doing it during training – connecting to that subtle energy of aum.

The teacher mainly referred to each posture by name only, which I think was quite difficult for beginners – Maybe yoga teachers get lazy? I know this is something that they have warned us to look out for in our own teaching. There also weren’t many adjustments made – but maybe this is just the way of a hot power yoga class? (no one wants to slather themselves in someone else’s sweat?)

Started today with some kriyas and pranayama and some yoga asana – about 25 mins asana for Sun salutes and standing sequence (23:30) Can TOTALLY feel that it affected my entire day – was SO much more productive , alert and aware (in spite of waking up much earlier!) BUT had ticked off SO much of my To Do List before 10am – felt great!

Gonna teach Warr some yoga this evening – he should be home soon!

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