Yoga Journal #15: Savasana

Dentist app this morn – super shitty! Possible root canal on the 8th February – will see. 🙁

Didn’t do yoga this morn and can def see how it is a lot harder/more difficult to maintain a home practice when you have a place /job to be at 9am – feel very lucky that I don’t have that. Grateful for the work that I do! Might do some yoga this eve.

Always come home on Sunday with so many things/stories to share with Warren felt like I was overloading him with STUFF – not sure how he felt about the chanting! haha!

Brought my yoga mat home after Savasana practice and did the adjustments on him – he really enjoyed it (obviously). He said, ” I felt like I was reaching some kind of epic ZEN!!?!?!”


Welcome to yoga.

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