Wedding Dress Adventures: Belgium

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It’s been on my travel bucket list for a while now to see the big festivals all over the world. This past July Warr and I and a bunch of awesome mates headed off to Belgium for Tomorrowland – one of the biggest music and dance festivals in the world. It was incredible and I don’t think I have ever been to any festival/concert/show/exhibition/fair/market/arena that is so well organised with so much attention to detail. (Think Tomorrowland sunnies, daily newspapers, fairies handing out wishes, cog-work stages, dedicated deodorant-sprayers hanging outside the loos to give you a quick spritz!!) But more on that another time.

Let me interrupt myself quickly.

Remember how we lost all our weddng photos? Remember how I said I’m on a mission to have the world’s most well-traveled, well photographed wedding dress….


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In the afternoon on the last day of this 3 day festival, Warr and I crept off from our gang in the slight rain-shower to the locker we had hired. When we arrived at the lockers – we realised that half of Tomorrowland had taken shelter in the locker area waiting for the rain to pass. Husband and I decided to grab some Falafels and a drink in the rain to wait for it to pass. When the sun started peeking it’s way back out – we hurried back over to the lockers where (most) of the people had started to clear out.

Then out came the gigantic dress bag that I had crammed into my luggage all the way from London (which I brought all the way from South Africa) and Warren proceed to help me get into my amazing wedding dress.

 photo dress_zps402b72ec.jpg
(how excited am i in this picture?!)

2 seconds into this plan – with me lurking around the lockers in a bikini and tube top and Warren with a bunch of strings and zips in his hands, we realised that Warren actually has NO idea how to get a woman into a wedding dress, so we enlisted the help of two girls who were sitting nearby, very intrigued and watching the whole debacle with MUCH curiosity.

“Excuse me.
Could you please help me get into my wedding dress?
He has no idea what he is doing.”

They absolutely loved it, cried a little over our sad wedding story when we told them, and even snapped their own pics as a little keepsake of helping out “the bride” on her “big day”.

 photo bridesmaids_zpsf1c2d563.jpg

Thanks yo!

Honorary bridesmaids, if you will.

 photo IMG_4703_zps99b8a206.jpg
(lol guy on the left!)

And so – we traipsed around Tomorrowland dressed (REALLY) in our very finest.


 photo IMG_4706_zpsde4cf9f5.jpg  photo IMG_4718_zps4ce4273e.jpg

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we had! People came up to us – asking if they could be our bridal party, people asking how much we would charge for them to have their picture taken with us, people asking if we were actually married at Tomorrowland (NO). People asking us why were were dressing up in our wedding clothes again. People wishing us well for a happy marriage and a wonderful life! When Warren rushed off at once point to go make a quick wee, leaving me waiting alone, in a wedding dress, at a festival… Let me just say – ladies who are looking for love? You can guarantee yourself several proposals, all you need is a festival and a wedding dress.

 photo IMG_4719_zps924d65dd.jpg

Eventually we decided (at the suggestion of our favourite Falafel stall-guy) to make a sign explaining our lost wedding photos-situation (he even gave us one of his empty Falafel plates to write it on) and suggested we also include my twitter and instagram handle so that people could send photos to us! Genius. (We did even manage to get a few! See here! and HERE – all the way from Greece!)


And then we were interviewed on National Belguim TV.

  photo 10553411_10154445436120486_3967021482833041920_n_zps04d69a79.jpg  photo 10392474_10154445436310486_2758149937865210797_n_zps3cb34c0c.jpg  photo 10516659_10154445436450486_3269947007237182315_n_zps0e63d465.jpg

(thanks to Shelly for these epic pics of our Belguim TV debut!!)

 photo IMG_4736_zps1d7c0aa8.jpg
Next on our travels, we stopped on the Bridge of Tomorrow – where we came across a fellow festival go-er who happened to be a professional wedding photographer and gave us full direction of where to stand and what to do! photo IMG_4739_zpsf5b3aeea.jpg
 photo IMG_4740_zps8e953634.jpg

 photo tomorrowwedding_zps104eb7d5.jpg
 photo IMG_4744_zps9e3a4853.jpg
 photo IMG_4738_zps5b62e7d9.jpg
 photo IMG_4745_zps3e10d57f.jpg

These were just snapped by “professional photographer man” on Warren’s iPhone. He was so sad to hear our wedding photo story – and he was SO upset that he didn’t have his professional camera on him to take more photos for us!

But never fear – the next person we met on our ADVENTURES was working for The Netherlands Party Guide Photo Site, carrying a massive SLR, desperate to get some photos of us –
 photo tomorrowland-de-schorre-national-park-2014-07-27-party-51940-985425240_zps6f679ce7.jpg  photo tomorrowland-de-schorre-national-park-2014-07-27-party-51940-81869911_zpse60270de.jpg

Such a glorious day!

We partied our way through many more excited people, people wanting to join our bridal party and strangers wanting to take photos of us  –

 photo IMG_4758_zps3fa26ab3.jpg

 photo wedding_zpsa316d2a1.jpg

and strangers wanting to take photos with us –

 photo tomorrowland7_zpsa42343bb.jpg

(These are warren’s new groomsmen – Larry, Barry, Harry and Gulio.
As you can see, they are all wearing ties.)

Eventually we made it back to our own wedding party to celebrate –

 photo weddingparty_zps8e0155db.jpg       photo tomorrowland5_zps524c0c7c.jpg

Let me add (speaking from experience) –
partying in your wedding dress at a festival is like…
the VERY best fun you can have.

 photo IMG_4767_zps0049948f.jpg

And you guys!!!
remember this photo from our wedding day –
 photo real2_zps8c308cb0.jpg

Shelly had the absolute brainwave to snap this photo at Tomorrowland –
 photo 10525929_10154445436050486_7566639981327994624_n_zps57a5e5c4.jpg

Totally not as hygenic as Netherwood lavatries,

 photo 10553609_10154445438970486_7900265797623754020_n_zpsc8552631.jpg
(thanks Shel-dog! xo)

 photo P1000123_zps0d254153.jpg

    photo IMG_4787_zps8ff98822.jpg     photo brighter_zps62814327.jpg

Oh, and Tomorrowland – thanks for organising the most epic fireworks display for us to celebrate our post-nuptial nuptial.

 photo fireworks_zpsb15d874e.jpg

You really shouldn’t have.

* * * * * *

And so… the adventures of the traveling wedding dress begins!

…because life’s too short to keep your wedding dress white.

Glastonbury anyone?

* * * * *

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PS – For those interested, my wedding dress was designed and created by Maryke from Maryke Designs – I absolutely LOVE it!!

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