Im waiting to head out to teach (literally sitting at my desk with a back pack on waiting for the bus) – so thought I would quickly check in here.

Yesterday was “rest day” from the marathon training (thank goodness), today was a 20 min run, which was average. Tomorrow I have a 30 min run to do and then Saturday is 5 miles! I converted 5 miles into kilometres and it is 8. EIGHT. Eight, people. I feel like that’s a bit aggressive for where I am right now, I have to be honest. Good thing, I have checked my schedule, and it appears I am going to have the flu on Saturday.

No, just kidding, I will (try) power on. I can’t say it will be wonderful though.

It’s almost been an entire year since I qualified as a yoga teacher and I am definitely feeling a strong desire to LEARN more. (Booked myself into a workshop tomorrow evening – ({on a Friday night, have you ever?} must be all that running I’m doing). But in spite of this desperate need to want more knowledge, more information, more spiritual teachings, I had such an interesting experience the other night at the advanced yoga class in Wimbledon I was teaching. I taught a heart opening class, I spoke about the koshas and the layers that we break through in our yoga practice and how a heart opening class can often help release energy and help us delve deeper into the mind stuff, the heart stuff and the energetic body.

At the end of the class, I merely observed. I observed the students in the class and the energy in the room. Compared to when they entered, at the end of the class, I noticed a much more chatty and lively atmosphere. The room felt light hearted and energised, open and unburdened. Energy was moving. And it’s taught me something: sometimes it’s less about having to learn more, understand more, know more – sometimes it’s only about being open, being present and merely observing. Because everything we need to know about this energetic, spiritual journey we are on, already exists within us – we just need to tap in.