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Yoga Journal #54: Compromise

Had a bit of a strange morning, felt strange about getting so emotional on the train – texted Warr to explain that I just want him to be part of everything and I’m just scared of moving away from him. He said he totally understands and he wants to do more yoga and that we…

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Yoga Journal #53: Sane New World

yoga london past graduate

Woke up and tried to structure a shoulder sequence for myself. Went to watch Ruby Wax show, “Sane New World” on mindfulness – after one of the yoga girls gave me her book to read! Really good show – had drinks for dinner before – had a bit of internal conflict about what to order…

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Yoga Journal #52: Chicken piece for peace.

yoga and journaling

Did yoga observation in the morn – then met friends for dinner. Shared starters with the whole table and didn’t eat any meat. Everyone wanted to order a mix of mains to share and didn’t want to make a fuss – so just decided to eat around the meat in the dishes that everyone wanted…

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Yoga Journal #51: Energy

yoga teacher training process

Did a pitiful 3 Sun Salutations this morning – body is feeling so sluggish. Could it be the meat and the drinking? Feel meh. Will hopefully do some proper yoga tonight. Did good evening session – have much more energy in the evenings for sure! Focused on bandhas and handstands.

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Yoga Journal #50: Connecting with strangers

yoga journal writing

Didn’t do yoga – woke up a bit later after not sleeping well at all 🙁 Did meditation from bed in the morning – which is never really the same thing as doing meditation out of bed! Went to a bloggers dinner – thai cooking school – was lots of fun. Met such a cool…

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Yoga Journal #49: Strength and Ashtanga

yoga london teacher training

Woke up and went to Ashtanga yoga class in Wimbledon – was really cool and felt so good knowing exactly the names of the postures and how to get into them correctly. Did some drop backs which was awesome and also the teacher tried to help me come back up from Urdhva Dhanurasana – am…

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