Yoga Journal #81: Icelandic Intentions

A little while ago I entered a competition to win a trip to see the northern lights. (See here).

Absolutely amazingly, last week I received an email to tell me that we had won the trip! Flights, accommodation, hotel, food, excursions all included. Absolutely amazing!! I am feeling SO super grateful!

The strange thing though (hippie alert) is that in some way, I honestly feel like I had manifested this entire thing into being. When I phoned Warren to tell him the exciting news, the first thing he said (after “No way!! that’s AWESOME!”) was “you totally intentioned this”

And yes. It’s true. 100% completely true. I feel like I have intentioned it. Just like you can intention ANYTHING for yourself.

For the past little while, long before I even started writing my blog post entry or thinking of the ideas for it- I began meditating on this amazing trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. I sat (most) mornings and focused all my energy and attention on us leaving for this trip, not only for the trip, but for how it would feel to receive that email in my inbox telling us that we had won. Not only did I visualise every moment in this event, but I FELT every single feeling connected to it within my body. I had gone so far in this visualisation and manifesting in my mind that I had started rehearsing the phone conversation that I would have with Warren to tell him the news.
“Hello – I was wondering if you had a big jacket for me to borrow?”
“There is one in my cupboard – why?”
“No. But like a really warm one.”
“Ya- you can take the one in the cupboard, but why do you need it?”
“Because, we’re going to Iceland!”)
(Note: a version of this conversation ACTUALLY happened a week or so after I started ‘rehearsing’ it)

It was so real in my mind that I had in fact already won it. A few weeks ago, I met with some blogging girls for breakfast before the May bank holiday weekend. Warren and I had been looking to go away for the weekend to Amsterdam but the last minute flights and accommodation were all just proving to be a bit too expensive. Having really been feeling the cabin fever (working from home, living at home etc) – I had been desperate to get away somewhere and was a bit disappointed that nothing had worked out for the long weekend. I was discussing it with the girls at brunch and I had to stop myself half way through a sentence which started, “but don’t worry guys because…”

The ending to that sentence, already constructed in my mind, finished “… we’re going to see the Northern Lights.”

Around the time when I thought the winners would be announced, I kept checking my email and when I told Warren I had been checking my email all day it was never “I’m waiting to see if we have won” it was “I am waiting for my email”

This was never coming from a place of arrogance or self righteousness- there were some amazing entries (I saw a few of them but after a while stopped looking because it started throwing me off my visualisation game), it was only coming from a very deep place of belief.

Now, I’m not necessarily saying that all this had anything to do with us winning. That me visualising, manifesting, rehearsing, truly feeling this experience had anything to do with anything. And to be honest – you can believe whatever you want to believe.

All I’m saying is that I’m the one with two tickets to Iceland.

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