Yoga Journal #80: Exposed

Throughout my training as a yoga teacher, we were required to keep a journal, documenting the times we did and did not practice yoga. I was documenting my experience in my journal and then began transcribing all the written diary entries onto this website. There was something a bit ‘secret’ about writing the journal entries into my book, knowing that they would only be transcribed months and months later. I have finally caught up with the transcribing up to the present day and suddenly it feels a lot more “exposed”/ raw. I’m not sure?!

I’d like to keep up with the journaling, although it’s taken a bit of a slow-down in the last few days. It’s bizarre, because in the middle of running my own business and doing a teacher training and trying to fit all of that in, I still managed to keep up a journal – (because I was required to), but now even though I no longer have the entire course to try and get through – (which technically should mean I have a whole whack of extra time), I haven’t managed to fit it in. I guess the time in your life makes space for the things that you allow it to.

I’ve been sick for the last few days and haven’t done much proper yoga at all – which obviously makes me feel worse. Tried to do a bit today – but was all blocked up and felt shit.

Met yesterday with an awesome girl who has asked me to teach at a yoga brunch she is hosting. I’m SO super excited. It seems lately that things are kind of just falling into place and it all just feels SO right. It’s weird to say this because I’ve hardly even started teaching – but it honestly feels like teaching yoga feels just like the most natural thing to me. I LOVE the idea of standing up in front of a group of people (I have all my life), I love the creativity of sequencing, I LOVE helping others being able to live their best lives, I LOVE inspiring other people and I love the unique things that I can bring to classes. Everything just seems to fit.

Haven’t been eating the healthiest lately! (*she says as she scoffs the remaining bag of malteasers next to her*). Think I need to get back on the band wagon with that for real. Am keen to hit up a few more runs during the week. And I want to get back to a more routine morning. Think I need to set myself a 30 day morning challenge. Starting tomorrow!

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