Yoga Journal #47: Two worlds.

Tried to replicate the yoga class I saw last night – at home this morning – took me 45 mins when it took them an hour! haha clearly I left a few things out – or perhaps just a speedy yogi! Must slow down.

Slow down to speed up.

Felt good thought to move. Was feeling anxious the whole day about Warr’s party tonight – in that I haven’t been “drinking: for so long and just worried about getting passed my limit (way too quickly) and doing stupid shit. Feels like it’s kind of two separate worlds and I don’t know how to live in both of them. But I also don’t want to become “that” irritating yoga-bore who sits in the corner drinking “Kombucha juice” and eating organic leaves while everyone else has fun! Feels hard to be like this especially when the people closest to me are not in the same place or can’t really understand this ‘balancing in the midline thing’ that I feel I’m doing right now. Anyway – had good fun on Friday – ended up coming home by myself on Friday and left husband out to party  – which is maybe testament to how this whole thing is putting me in two worlds. I don’t know.

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