Yoga Journal #46: Namaste

So far behind on this yoga and journaling thing – not sure I like what happens when life gets in the way of yoga! Feels like a weird sentence but it’s true and yoga IS a way of life! Anyway.

I’m writing this journal entry on 3 March and I honestly can’t remember if I did yoga on Thursday 26th February – all the days seem to blend into one! I must have done a bit of morning yoga.

Observed a yoga class this evening – such an awesome teacher – am realising more and more that all yogis are just AWESOME.

Felt like she was genuinely interested in me and tried to help me find more observations – her class was FULL and I think definitely it makes a huge difference – and her personality I have no doubt brought people back to practice with her!

Good thing to note that people go to yoga for more than going to yoga. They go to feel good, yes, to get a bit of exercise, yes, but also to connect with other people, to feel like they are valued, to feel like their own spirit is honoured.



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