Yoga Journal #44: Dedications

Warr off to the doctors so he had a bit of a lie in – made him some coffee in bed – which he never gets – even although he had been awake for about an hour before me – doing stuff – he had to get back into bed for the coffee! Ha!

Did a full exam sequence today – timing was absolutely perfect – Yay!

Decided to dedicate the practice this morning to Warr’s dad, Becky’s mom and Kirsty. Having those people to focus on really helped changed the nature of the practice – suddenly when you bring those people to mind – you can stay more connected because suddenly that practice is not about you – and your body – it’s about something else, someone else – and the body that is sending that intention out to the world is just a body and the fire in your legs, the stretching in the back, the pulling in your arms, are just sensations and they will pass – as will everything else in this world.

Also did a relationship meditation and am feeling back on track with life.

Not sure what happened last week – but just felt pretty “off” with everything and everyone. Perhaps to do with PMS?! How to counteract this in future?!

Need to learn more yoga today.

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