Yoga Journal #42: Krishna and Curries

Was really good to have a practice that was led by the other yogis – really good and confidence building for them! Kind of wish I had gotten to teach as much as they did  – about 1/4 of the class each! Absolutely LOVED the teaching that I did.

I did end up telling Warren about my Hare Krishna episode – he was “rather” hammered after an afternoon with the boys watching rugby – I’m not 100% sure how much he remembers about our conversation  – probably better that way! Ha! Win for everyone!

Even in his drunken state he did think to order mea  veggie curry – it was so yum! We usually order curry but I’ve never had a veggie one before – strange that it feels like instead of “limiting” the options – going for a more veg diet feels like it actually opens up a whole lot more options – and I’m starting to look at things on the menu that I’ve never really looked at before!

* Made some B-day things for Fran on Saturday – Warr made some delish veggies on a portobello mushroom “bun” – with parsnip chips – was SO yummy!! (and healthy!)

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