Yoga Journal #39: Hummus and Halloumi

Did the full exam sequence this morning – put on full workout clothes – which helped! After 15 minutes of meditation – which was amazing. The sequence took me 43 mins though – and should have taken 1 hour – so maybe need to slow down a bit. Need to get this watch fixed so that I can time each section.

Went out for dinner – surprise birthday for Shan. Ordered a Halloumi and Hummus burger and felt like my choice was more of a big deal to Warren than it was to me. We usually almost always share food at restaurants and he commented on him just realising how different our meals are going to be now.

I’m by no means claiming to be vegetarian – but lately it’s just that my body hasn’t been feeling like meat – and me choosing a halloumi burger did not bring up questions in any one else’s mind – “Are you a vegetarian?! etc” but only really was noticed by Warren – and I think only because I have been discussing with him how I have been feeling about meat lately – because I want him to be part of what I am going through/feeling/experiencing – but now I feel that whatever decision I make is amplified because there has been awareness drawn to it.

It probably would have been a whole lot easier if I had not said anything and just quietly made those choices on my own – without discussing it with anyone.

I’m feeling a little bit in no-mans land at the moment – disconnected from Warren, but also not fully connected to the entirety of yoga – because if I’m actually honest, it can be quite scary at how powerful it is and how different a person can become when they fully enter into all of this.

Feeling exhausted – first day that I’ve felt run down and that everything is catching up to me!

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