Yoga Journal #18: Yoga Class Love

Just got home from a yoga studio – asked them if I would be able to do a class observation with them and they weren’t happy with people doing observations within their studio- fair enough – but am a bit worried that I won’t find a place to do them all.

Absolutely LOVED the class this evening!

Things I loved: the class flow and sequence – warm up, sun salutations, basic ones before adding any fancy things. Allows us to go on our own – which was awesome but for newbies it might not be so good?! Explained things using the actions and not the posture names which is helpful to all levels.

Things that I found really useful (me terribly paraphrasing): 
Downward Dog: “imagine your arm pits trying to face each other” I found this really useful at getting the correct external rotation of the upper arm.
Warrior 1: “think of your feet as plugs into the earth – drawing up energy through the mat and up the body right out of the finger tips”
Savasana: “throughout the practice you have drawn up energy through the mat – now it is time to let the mat support you – let the mat lift up to your body as it supports the weight of the body”
Beginning Class: “It has been a busy week/month/busy January – so it’s even more important to make time to come to your mat to be calm, to still your mind – thank yourself for coming to your mat today”
Transitions: Plank – knee- knee to nose, knee in and out, knee to outside elbow, potential to take an arm balance.
Ending: “Raise hands to heart centre/ feeling the peace of this practice and taking it with you into your day/evening”

Warr home – dinner time – left over Thai food – with chicken in it. Had an otherwise veggie day.

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