Yoga Illustrations – The art of non attachment

Happy Friday all!

I wanted to kickstart this Friday Fun with the little Yoga illustration above – if you practice yoga – ya’ll know exactly what I mean – that little grabby-hands conundrum.

So how has the week been for you?

Trying to get back into the swing of things after a week skiing has been…. a thing. ha!
I’m pretty chuffed with myself for making it down the mountain in one piece. I had a few little moments where I thought I may end up in two pieces but luckily my fail-safe “snow-plough-bail-out” method proved to be handy once again.

I’ve had a snowball of work things to catch up on but I’ve been most excited about content creating for the Members site which is blossoming!

(Did I just use the word blossoming? That was weird.) 

The next season for the Members area is FIRE and it’s jam packed with fiery core practices, Dosha quizzes you can take, guided meditations, power plank practices, journal prompts and a bunch of creative inspiration! Come join us here anytime if you want in!

I’ve decided to use this “Friday Fun” segment as a little bit more of a personal chatty catch up space – so what can I tell you?

  • I put on my running clothes this morning and decided to go for a run, but then it turned out to be raining. “Oh Darn”. So now as I’m sitting here in my running gear with the weather clearing and I’m trying to convince myself that it’s still “raining”.
  • I’ve signed up to do a half marathon in May – can you tell?
  • I just had a fleeting thought about how important good photography is for websites and then I just found unsplash and just got sucked into 15 minutes of photo-orgy goodness. (AND THAT IS HOW I GET NOTHING DONE ALL DAY).
  • I’m still patiently waiting for Ellen to invite us to her show for our wedding dress adventures… which reminds me, I have a few more adventures to edit and share… stay tuned!
  • If you need some Valentine’s Day cards with a fun twist – take a peek at some of my cards here – I’ve pinned some Valentine’s Day Cards to the top!
  • I’m busy waiting for the washing to finish, in case that was of great importance to anyone.
  • Loving this song
  • This post is HILARIOUS for anyone post-natal. (Thank you to Lulu for sharing it on Facebook)
  • I’m seeing my friend Anna tomorrow – and SO looking forward to our second Bali retreat – in October this year! Places are already booking up fast and I haven’t even “announced” it yet other than sharing Anna’s post on Facebook (below!) If you want in, better get in quick! It’s truly MAGIC.

So anyway those are few little things going down around here – what are you up to this weekend?



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