Wedding Dress Adventures, India March 2017

I’m so super excited to bring you another edition of the WEDDING DRESS ADVENTURES! Half way through my yoga teacher training in Goa india – The Warr messaged (in the intermittent wifi) to tell me that he had booked flights to come and visit me at the end of training! I was having a bit of an emotional week on the training – so it was the best surprise knowing that he would be joining me in India for a little bit! Given the history of our wedding dress adventure story – of course we HAD to fit in another few snaps!

 photo wedding dress adventures1_zps3vlu8j6r.jpg

On the day of our “Indian wedding” – I went across the road to a little kiosk shop to order some flower wreaths to wear around our necks. We had received some flower garlands at the end of our graduation from the training and I had actually saved them (hanging up in the shower) to try and use them – not knowing where I would be able to find anything like that in Goa! After a little bit of research (thanks Jack) I found that we could get some made right across the road for about 50 rupees- bargain! So that’s the first place we headed! Fresh flower wreaths on your wedding day, a definite must!

 photo yoga teacher food_zpsgyalvtj6.jpg

Next we needed to fuel up on some breakfast at a local organic cafe… bride needs her breakfast ya’ know! We met some of “the team” at the breakfast spot and loaded up on smoothies, green juices and pancakes. One of the most challenging things about ‘snapping wedding photos around the world’ – is the issue of where to change into our wedding kit (mainly the awkwardness of trying to change into a giant wedding dress (which I can’t get into on my own) when we are out and about) – like that one time we had to try and convince a Parisian bar owner round the corner from the Eiffel Tower in broken english that we would like to use his bathroom (together) to change into a wedding dress. (what?). (He was VERY puzzled to see an ordinary couple go into his dingy bathroom and then a bridal couple step out, I digress.)

This time we were getting ready in STYLE!! For the indian edition I had a whole gang of gorgeous bridesmaids – who were all wearing indian princess dresses which we had bought/loaned each other for the grand occasion! We got ready in Marley and Mollie’s new room on the beach – which was the most retro-kitsch-stylish place I’ve ever changed with it’s purple satin valance and all. (In fact, something about this does really remind me of the decor at our actual wedding – which was Moroccan, copper/gold/bright coloured -themed! haha!
 photo indian wedding adventure_zpsgxo9uzoy.jpg

It was DEFINITELY very cool getting ready with all the girls who were possibly even more  as much, into it as I was!!! We did all our make-up, put bindis on and got all the bridal-princesses ready. (Note: by “make-up”, I mean – “whatever will stick on your face before sliding off in the heat-wave” so… not much. lol).
 photo indian princess bridesmaids_zpsskwhzrcy.jpg

And then my gorgeous Indian princess bridesmaid led me down to my handsome groom!
 photo yoga in india_zpsniva5pgn.jpg
 photo ellen show wedding dress couple_zps9p3lhlkp.jpg

 photo wedding dress couple ellen_zpsyb7makzw.jpg

We decided to have a few “bridal party” shots outside the beach huts  –

 photo traveling wedding dress_zps6pm9otsb.jpg

…and in fact the more I look at these gorgeous bright mish-mashed colours, the more I realise how IDENTICAL they are to the colours that were at our actual wedding day. SO perfect!

 photo trash the dress_zpsbf2dklmi.jpg

And of course when you surround yourself with a bridal-team of epic yogis there is BOUND to be some yoga posing!!

 photo traveling wedding dress adventure_zpszvjig6na.jpg
 photo wedding in goa_zpsw4nhshak.jpg

Next we decided to head off to the beach!

Being the yogis that we are – we had somewhere (around week 2 of training) ditched all our shoes. This is great for navigating everyday life, but definitely NOT so great at navigating blistering hot indian beach sand in the boiling midday sun. I have a GREAT video of this exact moment and it is punctuated with a LOT of crazy yelping, wild screaming, epic dashing and bursts of swearing!

 photo runaway bride india_zpsakh88gee.jpg

My feet were on FIRE so much from the sand that I ducked into the nearest door I could find – which happened to be the Dunes kitchen. Thankfully they could see our shoeless-plight and (being in a wedding dress and all) they happily let us sneak through their kitchen to avoid our feet-frying –
 photo indian wedding dress adventure_zpsuryp56rt.jpg

Since we had just paraded through the kitchen we owed it to Dunes to have quick stop overlooking the beach!
 photo wedding dress india_zpsaan6wdk8.jpg
 photo wedding dress couple_zpsb2n7bz9u.jpg
 photo ellen show wedding dress_zps4hvorccv.jpg

Soon we were back ready for action –

 photo indian goddess wedding_zpsnxn0rrym.jpg

At this point I would add that we had quite the entourage. Dan, who had unwittingly (and possibly un-requested-ly) been assigned the role of professional-photographer and Simon who had landed the ever-coveted role of second shooter.
 photo wedding dress ellen show_zpss88tghid.jpg
 photo yoga teacher wedding dress_zpsnjzrzf7v.jpg

and of course – my favourite photo of all:
 photo wedding in a speedo_zpsgfibtj73.jpg

Of course it’s natural to see a dude in a speedo surrounded by a group of indian princess bridesmaids and an india bride hanging out on the beach in the middle of Goa. Act casual.
 photo wedding dress adventure india_zpszjhfueho.jpg

We ran back to Dunes to have a thirst quencher – because being an Indian princess bride is very thirsty work.
 photo yoga teacher wedding ellen show_zps8vsjeaie.jpg

(This pic definitely does give a new meaning to the phrase runaway bride)

 photo indian goddess_zpszbiqvyyz.jpg

We finished off with some of my favourite pics yet –

 photo couple wedding dress around the world_zpseygqtyhu.jpg
 photo couple goals wedding dress_zpswpshqjsy.jpg

Once we said bye to our princess bridesmaids – Warren and I headed back to the main street.

A few days before Warren arrived I had some henna done with my friend Rose who works at the little shop. I told her that my husband was coming and that I was going to put my wedding dress on and have “a wedding day” so that’s why I needed some henna. (which didn’t last very long on account of all the sweating I think!). I’m not sure if it was the broken english or the random-confusement of the story in general (it is pretty bizarre after all), either way, I’m not quite sure she believed me – so I promised I would come and take a picture with her –
 photo himalaya yoga valley_zpsfvz2skso.jpg

She was SO dam delighted that I had come back to get a picture she got her husband to come and take some pictures of us on her phone too. Then she also told me I needed to have a baby soon. Thanks Rose. Warr and I then headed to a local temple to take some snaps

 photo indian temple wedding dress_zpsvobnq2l5.jpg

And finally back to the Himalaya Yoga Valley – where we got some pics outside the shala where we had been practicing every morning.

 photo himalaya yoga valley yoga training_zpsn5moz6zo.jpg

I’m not sure what this face is but it’s pretty special –
 photo funny face wedding dress_zpstf6osnhx.jpg

(Thanks for the snap Bex!)
 photo yoga goa teacher training_zpsxy2iunmk.jpg

This indian adventure was one of my favourite ones yet! Maybe because of being in India and for it being close to a place that has been so special for me, or that it was the first time in over five weeks for me to see Warren again, or the big girl-gang of excited yogi-bridesmaids, or just the magical-ness of India in general, or maybe it’s a combination of everything! I just love love LOVED it!

So much thanks and big love to all the gorgeous bridesmaids: Julia, Andrea, Marley, Mollie, & Adele! You gals were the best! And so much thanks and kudos to Simon and Dan who co-incidentally got roped into being professional photographers for the day! We appreciate it!

Looking forward to the next Wedding dress adventure already!

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  1. Kat Forsyth on June 4, 2017 at 1:17 am

    I LOVE these! I especially love all the yoga poses. Your bridesmaids were so into it! Keep going, never stop!

    • Ché Dyer on June 4, 2017 at 5:08 pm

      I hope to keep doing it as long as we live!!! with children and grandchildren and all! xxx

  2. Desireé Yeoman on June 4, 2017 at 5:16 am

    This is by far my favourite photo shoot.
    The colours and setting are beautiful

    • Ché Dyer on June 4, 2017 at 5:09 pm

      the colours are so amazing!! we had such fun and india is SO magical!!!

  3. Gillian Hefer on July 11, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    My My you’ve been a busy lass!

    • Ché Dyer on July 11, 2017 at 2:40 pm

      indeed we have been!! 🙂

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