This 7 week long self-discovery journey through yoga, creativity, meditation, art journalling, prompts and tasks will give you the tools needed to live a more fulfilled, creative and purposeful life. 


The journey runs roughly along 5 main components: 

Self Love

The Body + Mind

Your Purpose Dharma



Voyage to the soul - lessons


  • Each week 2 people meet with me for half an hour over Skype.
  • Over Skype I share various tasks, tailored yoga practices, meditations and creative prompts based on the weeks theme and personalised to those on the call. Some tasks are self-guided, others are audio guides, worksheets, questionnaires, or podcasts and reading material to digest. 
  • Each week you will send through a reflection of the week via email, which will allow me to further tailor the program to suit your needs. 
  • Throughout the journey we will develop a "creative self-enquiry" art journal, which will become a guidebook for manifesting, intention setting and positive affirmations. 

I ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to be curious


Since this is a tailored creative-accountability program - I only have space for 2 people at a time. 

I'm fully booked up for this program until the next available space which starts Thursday April 5th 2018 and runs every Thursday evening to May 17th 2018. It's £290 for the 7 week course which includes six 45 min group calls and one individual call. Get in touch if you would like to book a space.

Some lovely words from two ladies who have joined me so far on this journey

I started this journey in the midst of redundancy. Lost, confused, scared and making an appointment with my doctor because my depression and anxiety had come back and I couldn't cope. Che listened to where I was in my life and in my head and gently guided me week by week to let go of the things I cannot change. Let go of the things weighing me down. I have found my connection with the universe - a relationship I will need to continue to work on.

Che had a cynical yet frustrated creative on her hands 7 weeks ago. Now I use yoga to help meditate and clear my mind in a way I never knew. I feel lighter and a very aware of my aura. This is down to rebalancing my chakra (that Che predicted was out of balance), working through releasing my creative energies and looking at different ways to let that energy flow.

Over these 7 weeks I have found my purpose in life. And surprisingly for me, it has nothing to do with the job I ended up getting half way through this programme. My purpose is to serve the universe by providing more positive vibrations than I can feel. Making people smile, leaving them with the warm feeling in their hearts, feeling good about themselves and the space they are in.

My heart is open and I work every day to keep it so.

I am, and forever will be, eternally grateful for Che's guidance, enthusiasm, care and attention because she really and truly has changed my life. - Lettie

This seven week experience with Che has been transformative in learning to put my heart before my head when it comes to creativity. As a very creative person entering into a not-so creative industry, I've felt my creative impulses stymied by my own need for perfection. But tapping into my child-like creative impulses combined with my deep spiritual need to put my creative ideas out into the world made me realize that *not* allowing my creativity to flourish was damaging to my soul. I walk away from this experience feeling a little lighter, and a lot more connected to myself. - Isabel

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  • Choicing it up real good today. 😂 (and why yes, this did taste EXACTLY as green as it looked). Journaling for the WIN, (reflection, goals, mindset patterns, action steps, etc!) which is why I’ve made it such an integral part of the members platform 💕🙌🏽Come sign up if you want to see what it’s all about! Linked in profile. #chedyeryoga .
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  • Sometimes Yoga is about movement: handstands, inversions, Sun salutations, warriors, jump backs and arm balances. Sometimes it’s about breathwork, meditation, conscious exhalation and inhalation. Sometimes it’s about spiritual well being, personal development and soul growth. And sometimes, it is very simply just taking a moment to notice your feet firmly planted into the ground. 💕🙌🏽 Happy Sunday all. #fromwhereistand #ihavethisthingwithfloors
I was scrolling through my phone to try find a picture of our kitchen to send to my friend this morning and ended up scrolling, scrolling scrolling through literally thousands of photos. Some amazing pics, but also a lot of random shit, memes, and a whole bunch of “red-or-blue?” type whatsapp pics. All downloaded onto my phone. 
This is pretty much exactly like life. We are constantly and continuously downloading (shit) from our environment. (Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, physically). I actually heard on a podcast the other day that the amount of stimulus that we are exposed to in a SINGLE day today would be the equivalent of what someone 200 years ago experienced in their entire LIFETIME! Isn’t that insane?! It’s wonderful in many ways, but also INSANE. 😳 So the question is: we reach a point on our phones where we HAVE to offload all the data/downloads: We clear the recycle bin, we delete pics, we make space. 📱But what triggers us to create space in our heads? Do we even notice when the download capacity is at its limit? Or is it just the new norm to keep cramming more stuff into the hardware and software of our beings? And then, what practices are we employing to help clear the cache, empty the recycle bin and make space in our heads and hearts? .
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  • Build community • anchor deeper into your purpose • allow the flow of abundance • read more for leisure • know your worth • align choices with purpose • play, play, play creatively • treat yourself more • meditate 365 • create space • journal • nest • bake • manifest magical things • listen more • vulnerability • sweat daily • love more. 💕 #alifeofintention
  • Try this to SHAKE OFF the festive hibernation (/sludge):
10 rounds of sun salutation A
(5 with 5 breaths in down dog, 5 with 1 - 3 breaths in down dog).
10 burpees (essentially the same movement as sun salutation but with plyometrics).
10 bunny hops/jump to tuck handstand .
10 chair to crescent lunge to low lunge. (5 right leg, 5 left leg).
10 chair to boat, through a vinyasa to down dog to jump forward back to chair. .
repeat. (Takes 15 mins or so!)
SAVASANA. (Soak it up) 👌🏼
🎼 from @gizmovarillas album 💕😍 .
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The entire power of the Universe is within you.
Ask all from yourself.
                                               - Rumi

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Straight Line 2