Virabhadrasana I

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Virabhadrasana I // Warrior I

Getting into the pose:

To enter Warrior I, begin in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and take a big step back with the right leg, bringing the back foot in at 45 degrees. Both hips are facing forward as you inhale to bring the arms up overhead. Exhale to take a bend in the front knee. Gaze towards the thumbs.

Common Errors in the pose:
Not grounding down the back heel – which is a lunge variation rather than Warrior I. Make sure both hips are facing forward and not rolling out to the side as in Warrior II

Benefits of the pose:

  • Builds strength in the inner thighs
  • Starts working into the hip flexors (psoas) of the extended leg
  • Stretches calves and ankles

Transitions well into:

Warrior II


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