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Trikonasana // Triangle Pose
(tri = three; kona= angle; asana = posture)

Getting into the pose:

To enter trikonasana, take the the right foot to face the top of your mat, back foot parallel to the short side of your mat. The distance between the feet should be about one legs length. On the inhale extend the arms up parallel to the floor. On the next exhale, extend the right arm to hover in a line above the right ankle as the right hip draws back to make space for this to happen. Take a full breath in here to stabilise and on the exhale pivot the right hand to the inside of the right thigh or calf, (placing a hand on a block if needs be!) Extend the left hand up to the sky as the heart rotates upwards. Draw the lower ribs in, as we keep the upper body in the same plane as the front leg.

Common Errors in the pose:
Avoid collapsing/ rolling the top shoulder down. Don’t bring the hand further down the front leg if it compromises the length in the spine. Try to create equal length on both sides of the body.

Modification of the pose:

Bring a block to the inside of the front foot and place the hand on that – to help create a bit more space for the spine.

Benefits of the pose:

  • Builds strength in legs
  • Engages the core, tones the abdominals, particularly obliques.
  • Increases hamstring and hip flexibility
  • Helps relieve back ache and sciatica

Transitions well into:

Ardha Chandrasana // Warrior II

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