DIY Coasters: Drunken Crafts

So, the other Friday I attempted to make some dinner. Now – let me assure you, that every time I “attempt” to make some dinner – it is always the most massive celebration (wow! a meal!) and we drink ALL the wine.

So a few Fridays ago – after “A MEAL! I MADE A MEAL!” and one two bottles (+) of wine shared with the husband at home, I decided to get my craft on.

Introducing DIY Photo Coasters

 photo drunkcraft1_zpscaf13792.jpg

What you need:

  • old drinks coasters
  • print outs of your favourite pics
  • scissors
  • modge podge and brush
  • wine (optional)
  • curious “wanting-to-help” husband (not recommended)

 photo drunkcraft2_zpsca47ceb2.jpg

I printed out some snaps to use to up-cycle our coasters. I opted for a black and white colour scheme – but you could choose any colour scheme that works for you.

 photo drunkcraft3_zps740f365b.jpg

I used the coasters to trace around the printed pages so that each picture would fit exactly onto the coaster.

 photo drunkcraft4_zps1a211dab.jpg  photo drunkcraft5_zps14c18e41.jpg

At which point, husband re-entered the lounge (third bottle of delicious red wine in hand)

Husband: Whatcha…. dooooin?
Me: Well, i thought I would just ya know… do a bit of craftin’
Husband: what is it?
Me: Well… I’m re-cycling these coasters with new black and white pics…
Husband: …but like… what are you using that paintbrush for?
Me: It’s for the modge podge – to stick the printed pictures onto the coasters.
*looks as husband, looks at paintbrush. Looks back at husband* It’s FUN! You wanna try?

Husband: Yeah awesome! Give me them-paintbrushes! Yeah! Imma craftin’ !
Me: Ok, cool – I’m just gonna go get a tissue to wipe my fingers quick… Just make sure you put enough modge podge on the paper oh… and do a layer over the top once you’ve stuck them down… but i’ll be back in two seconds so just wait until…

 photo drunkcraft14_zpsfdfab7b9.jpg  photo drunkcraft6_zps4e6c4253.jpg  photo drunkcraft7_zpsc8ba1a6a.jpg

indieBerries returns to scene of crafting

Me: What are you doing?!
Husband: am MODGE-PODGING!
Me: … but it has to be smooth! it’s all lumpy now! you have to cut the pictures out first! That’s why I was tracing them! Didn’t you see me trace them?!
Husband: I’m doing it my way.
Me: Can we rather do it my way?

 photo drunkcraft11_zpsa89e5754.jpg  photo drunkcraft12_zpse2be6f1d.jpg

Once you have rescued your coasters from your wild-modge-podging husband, leave them to dry.

 photo drunkcraft8_zpsafe969bb.jpg
 photo drunkcraft10_zps5b912a70.jpg If you left this project in the clutches of your husband, the pictures on the coasters may not end up fitting exactly as you planned them to. Never fear – washi tape is on hand!
Cover up any exposed edges using a colour co-ordinating washi tape –

 photo drunkcraft9_zps2f760894.jpg

et voila!



 photo drunkcraft16_zpsd7dd0703.jpg

If you do this properly – ie: trace out your pictures, apply your modge podge smoothly, put an extra layer on top and leave them to fully dry before man-handling them – you will have some awesome up-cycled coasters. If however, you’d prefer to involve your husband and a few bottles of red wine – you may not get the most beautiful looking coasters, BUT –

you will have fun and lots of laughter.

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