Dancer's Pose

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Natajarasana  // Dancer’s Pose

Getting into the pose:

To enter Dancer’s Pose, start in Tadasana – grounding down the left foot and bending the right knee to bring the right foot up towards the bum. Rotate the right palm to face away from the right thigh – thumb pointing behind you – this encourages the shoulder to rotate open and helps keep the chest lifting. Take hold of the inside of the ankle with the right foot and raise the left arm overhead, upper arm coming near to the ear. As you begin to kick the right foot into the right hand, lift the chest and hinge forward bringing the left arm in front of you as you do.

Common Errors in the pose:
Allowing the knee and leg to swing out to the side by not ‘pointing’ the lifted hip down with to the earth. Rolling to the inside or outside of the standing leg.

Benefits of the pose:

  • Builds strength in the legs.
  • Creates space in the shoulder girdle as we allow the shoulder to roll back and down.
  • Builds focus and concentration
  • Works into the hip flexors and hamstrings

Transitions well into:

Tree Pose, Warrior III, Ardha Chandrasana

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