Couple loses wedding photos: Full moon party Gili Islands


Yep, that’d be us.

And to catch you up if you’re new to this page – we’ve made it our mission to “recreate our wedding album” around the world!

After teaching on our Bali yoga retreat last year, one of my besties Kerry (who came on retreat with us), Warren and I headed off to the Gili Islands to explore Bali a little more. Since the famed ‘full moon party’ happened to coincide with us being on the island we decided it was the thing to do to add to the growing Wedding Dress Adventure list!

It was actually super special to have Kerry with us – as she was maid of honour on our actual wedding day – so when she helped me get into my wedding dress, it was literally like being transported back to the ACTUAL wedding day.

(Apart obviously from the fact that I was getting changed in the middle of a dirty public street in the middle of the Gili islands, but whatevs.)

We got Warren kitted into his Balinese “wedding attire” – which was a beach sarong and wicker beach hat – 

and then we headed off to the Full Moon party on Pandawa Beach.

Actually as soon as we arrived at the Full Moon party we kind of realised how tricky it was going to be to get photos here with

a) lugging all our original clothes and big camera around

b) the masses of people

c) the epic changing lighting conditions – which are best suited to pro-photographers if ya know what I mean!

But Kerry was such an uber pro and snapped some great pics for us in the moonlight on the edge of the crazy-busy crowd!

I suggested we find some place a little bit away from the madness and a little bit of an indicator of where we were –

so we found a Pandawa sign in lights as the Full Moon party was hosted on Pandawa beach on Gili T:

I also thought it might be cool to try a pic on a pile of Bintang boxes –

Warren was not convinced on the Bintang box idea so he pulled an epic face,

which then ruined what would’ve been a cool pic.


We spent a bit of time dancing in the crowd under the moonlight, but pretty soon (unfortunately) we started noticing a few “dodgems” who were hanging around near us, and kept eyeing out our big backpack with camera + clothes etc inside which we’d put down in the middle of us on the sand.

Quite soon the “few dodgems” that were ‘dancing around us’ had become a “few more dodgems” – which TBH was really ruining our vibe.

I was pretty over it by this stage (thanks a lot dodgems) – so we decided to head out of the crowd and back onto the main street.

Before we headed on the walk back to our villa we spotted a little hammock tucked away on the beach and decided to snap a quick pic there –

Above: Me and my lovely little Ker, uber bridesmaiding-balinese-adventuring-photographer!!!! <3 love you!

Definitely an experience to add to the Wedding Dress Adventure list!

We also decided to get a few more Balinese snaps in the rice paddies when we headed up to Sideman- you can see the epic pics here!

They are some of my favourite yet – Go take a peek!

You can follow along on the Wedding Dress Adventures on our instagram page: @weddingdressadventures

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