Cartoon Insomnia

I am a Night Owl. Completely. Utterly. Through and Through. In fact, If I could sleep until 11am every morning and be awake until 3am – that would suit me juuuust fine. Midnight is right around my peak-waking hour.

Husband on the other hand, is a Morning Sparrow. His alarm goes off and he’s all like 


I want to SMACK morning, in the face.
With a chair.

In fact, i think if husband and I lived our weeks according to our natural body clocks – 

really don’t think we’d ever see each other.
Because I am such a night owl – as evening and “bedtime” (pfft) draws near, my brain kicks into epic overdrive. There’s nothing I can do – my mind just starts thinking/plotting/planning/creating/designing/making/crafting – 
which leads me to

(and yes, I have a million notebooks/books/magazines/pens/puzzles etc next to my bed to

write it down, distract myself etc. etc.)
The insomnia – it finds a way:



 photo insomnia1_zpse03b6a10.jpg  photo sleep1_zps18ea5fcd.jpg  photo insomnia2_zps6f9f95f4.jpg  photo sleep2_zps44ed8c82.jpg  photo insomnia4_zps0b219c18.jpg  photo insomnia5_zps4b612411.jpg  photo insomnia6_zps11f575b9.jpg

too many blankets.
not enough blankets.
on your back.
on your side.
on your stomach.

 photo insomnia4_zps0b219c18.jpg  photo insomnia8_zpsa4f88366.jpg  photo sleep3_zpsd373a8f0.jpg  photo insomnia7_zps4028da8d.jpg   photo insomnia9_zps0dfd6ca5.jpg

You probably shouldn’t wake your husband – 
who has a long day ahead of him at work in the morning.
But, also – 
it’s 3am in the morning and who are you to talk to?

 photo insomnia10_zpsb62f5e61.jpg
 photo insomnia11_zps97b38dbb.jpg  photo insomnia12_zps3d87b6d6.jpg  photo insomnia13_zps5689f716.jpg  photo insomnia14copy_zps6ed1e914.jpg  photo insomnia15_zps5e4e8ffe.jpg  photo insomnia16_zps63b72f41.jpg  photo insomnia17_zps43b75e9b.jpg  photo insomnia20_zps435f0a7a.jpg  photo insomnia21_zps8bcfd0fa.jpg  photo insomnia22_zps7cbb2b52.jpg  photo insomnia23_zps87cf912b.jpg  photo insomnia24_zps2d197b13.jpg  photo insomnia26_zpsd8bec394.jpg  photo insomnia27_zps6d793adc.jpg  photo insomnia18_zps40fc5e3a.jpg  photo insomnia27b_zpscf615413.jpg  photo insomnia27c_zpsf617e4b2.jpg
 photo insomnia27b_zpscf615413.jpg photo insomnia27_zps6d793adc.jpg  photo insomnia28_zps1794f51e.jpg

* * * * * * *

 photo insomnia29_zps991af11b.jpg  photo insomnia30_zps74b5373c.jpg  photo insomnia31_zpsfe511af3.jpg


 photo sleep4_zps1bd7e0fb.jpg

 photo insomnia32_zps73e87322.jpg  photo insomnia33_zps87c8e744.jpg  photo insomnia34_zps23687b4c.jpg  photo insomnia35_zps6856ab2c.jpg  photo insomnia37_zpsef467a92.jpg  photo insomnia36_zpseb4abb5e.jpg

* the end




Foot Note: this blog post was conceptualised somewhere around 4am.
You’re freaking welcome.

  1. Tracey Pictor on August 5, 2016 at 2:05 pm

    YAY the cartoons are back…. I have missed my weekly dose of chuckles courtesy of indieBerries!

    • Ché Dyer on August 6, 2016 at 9:22 am

      haha yes! I’m busy with the slow process of transferring everything over so that it’s all neatly in one place for everyone!! 🙂

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