Conversations with husband, the veggie edition.

Conversation that took place a short while ago between me and the husband:

 photo quorn1_zps36371d32.jpg
 photo quorn2_zps6711c384.jpg  photo quorn3_zpse86413b2.jpg

“GUESS what I had today” means “GUESS what I had today”

 photo quorn4_zps6d92320d.jpg  photo quorn5_zpsa70956e4.jpg  photo quorn6_zps5ed3c3bf.jpg

Husband: are you serious?
Self: Do these eyes look like i’m kidding?

 photo quorn7_zps098c7eea.jpg  photo quorn9_zpse300c5cd.jpg

husband:  (0_o)

 photo quorn10_zpsff85ffa4.jpg  photo quorn11_zps59d53a49.jpg

“ha ha ha – you will never guess!”

 photo quorn12_zpsa13ec35f.jpg  photo quorn13_zps3de700f2.jpg

{sometimes i am quite painful}

 photo quorn14_zps53aa4816.jpg  photo quorn15_zps8d995064.jpg  photo quorn16_zpsb06c20dd.jpg  photo quorn17_zpsaabb3533.jpg  photo quorn19_zpsf6207001.jpg  photo quorn20_zpsb61382a8.jpg
 photo quorn20b_zpsead42814.jpg photo quorn21_zps59adf3a1.jpg   photo quorn23_zps50e61237.jpg
Self: Yeah ok. …But that’s not what I tried today.
Husband: ok tell me!
Self: You HAVE to guess!
Husband: You want me to go through every single food?
Self: yep.
Husband: It’s 10pm.
Self: Ok, fine. I’ll give you a clue… we have recently seen an advert for it! And now just guess the thing you would never guess!
Husband: ok… MacDonalds. Lemon Juice. A Pizza. A Burger. Blue Cheese. Onion Soup. Iced tea. Sweet Potato. Leeks. Popcorn. Wasabi Paste. Cinnamon powder. Ginger biscuits. Bacon. Prunes. Noodles. Banana bread. Tree bark. Christmas Cake.
Self: Oh, you are really not good at this.
Husband: I give up.

 photo quorn24_zpscf3bee08.jpg

 photo quorn25_zps627704a9.jpg  photo quorn26_zps904c3f77.jpg  photo quorn27_zpsdfe63dad.jpg  photo quorn28_zps7f7d8f20.jpg
Husband: it took us an hour and a half to get to Quorn?
Self: You got it! I had QUORN!

Husband: Ok, so what about the Quorn?
Self: No, I just wanted to tell you.

 photo quorn31_zpsba6524f4.jpg

* the end.
Side Note: I’m not vegetarian but I tried quorn sausages for the first time the other day (in case that wasn’t clear). It was more of a test to see what it tastes like than anything else (and to see if i could actually make a switch to vegetarianism – don’t tell my husband). Although it’s no rump steak – I actually really liked it (given it had a good lashing of tabasco sauce). I had a look at their website for some proper quorn-ish details and the home page says that

“swopping the mince beef in your spaghetti bolognese for quorn mince just once a week for 4 weeks could mean reducing your fat intake by up to 72 grams – which is equivalent to the fat you would burn swimming more than 7 miles”

… so who knows.. maybe this vegetarian thing has something in it after all…
and no, this is not a sponsored post.

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