Yoga for men: 8 ways to get your man on the mat

Whilst yoga is most definitely “for all” let’s be honest, the majority of yoga studios are filled with young women, which doesn’t do much to smash the stereotype. In a bold effort to bring more men into the world of yoga, I have attempted to lure my husband into a yoga class and I have employed the following tactics for:

Yoga for men:

 photo Boysyoga1_zpsokdqzndg.jpg
 photo Boysyoga2_zpslrjtxsg5.jpg
 photo Boysyoga3_zpsqjkiy5ae.jpg
 photo Boysyoga4_zpsdmlorait.jpg
 photo Boysyoga5_zpss8xi6rjl.jpg
 photo Boysyoga6_zpsbuwoettj.jpg
 photo Boysyoga7_zpsb9rn8w9j.jpg
 photo Boysyoga8_zpsfviexiju.jpg
 photo Boysyoga9_zpsc8onzcnt.jpg
 photo Boysyoga10_zpstc9znd90.jpg
 photo Boysyoga11_zpsvr4v2pf1.jpg
 photo Boysyoga12_zpsivlev0wq.jpg
 photo Boysyoga13_zpspdvdf3yb.jpg
 photo Boysyoga14_zpszd9zxydn.jpg
 photo Boysyoga15_zpsuunhyfov.jpg
 photo Boysyoga16_zpsgawifoce.jpg
 photo Boysyoga17_zps0budejxz.jpg
 photo Boysyoga18_zpsb9gd3hjs.jpg
 photo Boysyoga19_zpsqkrlzgqu.jpg

non-attachment after all, right?

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