I was journaling this morning and for some reason, it all became very cartoony, maybe my mind only thinks in pictures – who knows? I’ve been working all morning on the yoga home practice E-course and I needed a break from it, so I’ve decided to jot a few things down here.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I have all these different pots on the stove top. Big pots, smaller pots, multi-coloured pots, filled with hot liquids. For a while now, I have been stoking fires under each of these different pots – wondering if any of them are going to take. I have been tending to these fires, laying kindling, blowing air and expending a lot of energy to keep them all burning – each pot has a different boiling point, and I can literally feel pressure rising and things getting hot.

There is a lot on the go in my life at the moment, from a business perspective: I teach yoga,  I’m busy planning to teach at Anna Marsh’s retreat, I create graphics and illustrations (I’m busy updating my website), I run an online store, I create wedding guestbooks, I’m busy creating a yoga E-course, I offer branding packages to yoga teachers, I run social media accounts – including recently the wedding dress adventures – which we would really like to make something awesome out of, I’ve been slowly working to bring content from my old personal blog onto this platform. Oh, and I also have a husband and a life (sort of).

Lately I have really been feeling like all these pots of liquid on these fires that I have been stoking for so long now, are really starting to simmer. The simmering is getting more and more intense and I’m trying to keep everything calm and controlled before EVERYTHING all boils over. It’s a nervous feeling and it’s an exciting feeling. Because on the one hand, how amazing would it be to have all the kindling that I have laid paying off and having all these pots cooking for me at the same time. But on the other hand – potential third degree burn. It’s hard to know which pots to focus my energy on in which particular moment and which pot is suddenly going to spontaneously bubble over and burn me. It feels like this simmering stage is about to explode and a little bit of me is worried about this explosion of HOT BOILING LIQUID all coming at me at the same time. Part of me is terrified, and part of me is oddly and wildly thrilled by it all. Wildly thrilled, but also packing safety goggles, just in case.

I’ll let you know how it goes.