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(The complete guide, video detailed above. The index of poses is included in the Complete Guide)

 photo Che Dyer Yoga Guide Cover_zpsg9nu5ugw.jpg
There is a wealth of information and knowledge within this guide! You will find practical tools for keeping yourself motivated, guides for correct alignment of poses including marking of your yoga mat, foot positioning and corresponding hip positioning, and how this relates to pose sequencing. You will learn about the various sections within the Vinyasa flow practice and how to structure your own practice at home including some sequencing rules, so that you can create different flows for yourself – both for power yoga and more restorative yoga. The guide features 25 exercises for eliciting creative sequencing as well as some fun yoga ‘choose your own adventure’ flow charts. Also included in this guide is a brief introduction to meditation and mindfulness.

 photo Yoga Guide Sample pages low res_zps7bux2fki.jpg

All this information has been gathered together in a 10 week yoga diary, which will guide you sequentially through the information with practical exercises to do every day so that you begin to learn how to teach yourself so that by the end of the course you will be able to create your own yoga flows at home with intelligent sequencing and your own self-developed body awareness and intuition. It’s presented in a very easy to follow and fun way with detailed pose analysis, in depth discussion and sprinkled with fun cartoons! This guide does not have “ready-made sequences” of postures for you to follow, but rather it is for you to learn how to create those sequences for yourself so that you can take your yoga anywhere! When purchasing this Yoga Guide you will be added to a private Facebook Group, where you will have direct access to me if you need to share any struggles you are having, so that I can directly help you. It will also become a great community of yogis who can share their progress with each other using the apps I’ve described in the guide (which are those I personally use to document my practice for social media). The entire guide is 173 pages long, including the 116 page index of poses (as detailed below). The poses are categorised based on the section in which they fall within the yoga practice structure as well as indexed by the specific body area the pose targets so that you can create flows specific to what your body needs.

 photo Pose index sample pages low res_zpsfjohzajx.jpg

I look forward to meeting you and helping you in your yoga journey!



Please note: both of these guides are digital downloads. You will receive access to the guides immediately on payment. No physical product is sent (#savethetrees) but you are welcome to print the guide personally if you prefer the old school way!


 CHE DYER YOGA GUIDE: INDEX OF POSES  photo Che Dyer Yoga Guide Cover2_zps3ygwtlhq.jpg This 116 page index of poses features 129 different yoga poses with step by step photos and detailed descriptions of entry and exit. Many of the poses feature modifications that you can use to support your own body or ways in which you can potentially extend the poses to move deeper. Some poses show detailed common errors that occur with alignment and ways in which you can correct it. The poses are sectioned into Warm-Up/Centring poses, Sun Salutation Poses (and poses that sequence well into Sun Salutations), Standing Poses, Seated Poses and Finishing Poses. The poses are then further categorised based on the following areas: legs, arms, core, hip openers, heart openers, forward folds and restorative poses – so that you can select poses you wish you practice based on the area you need most.   photo Pose index sample pages low res_zpsfjohzajx.jpg Above: Sample pages within the Yoga Pose Index Guide. (The Index of poses is included in the Complete Guide above)   GET THE INDEX OF POSES (please note: due to the nature of these products, I am unable to offer any returns or refunds so please be sure before you make a purchase. If you have any questions you’d like to ask me – please feel free to get in touch!)

Creating your own home yoga practice

Sign up to find out more about how to develop your home yoga practice including the 3 most important things to think about, the secret to creative sequencing and tips for staying motivated to keep practicing every day! When you sign up you'll receive one of the pages from my guide - an "Inspiration Yoga Flow chart"

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