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How meditation changes your brain – Guide to start meditating at home.

I’ve told this funny story on a few different yoga retreats and yoga classes that I’ve taught, about a very real (and personal) example of how meditation changes your brain, your reactivity and response, the way you relate to yourself and in turn the way you relate to others. I think about this story often…

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Tips for moving house: How to keep your cool.

tips for moving house

Warr and I have spent the second weekend together in our new house this weekend. It’s been amazing to move into our own place. But it’s also been hectically stressful. I thought I was going to write a very long in depth post about “how to keep your cool whilst moving house” – when I…

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5 tips for creating a sacred yoga space

Today I wanted to share my tips about creating a sacred space for your yoga practice. Firstly, yoga is not just exercise. It’s a WHOLE bunch of things. (Although, if you’re interested in my thoughts on yoga versus exercise you can read here). Because yoga is SO much more than a couple of down dogs and…

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What is Meditation?

Meditation is something that I can first-hand say, is absolutely life-changing. And I don’t throw around the words “life changing” very often, FYI. Many people associate “meditation” with bald-headed monks in orange robes. Just to quickly clear this up – I’d like to put it out there that I practice meditation, and I have hair and am…

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