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So, I’m slightly frustrated at having to type this blog post – as this was originally posted on  – but I am busy moving old content over from indieBerries to (to make space for something new on indieBerries) and it appears that a few blog posts have gotten lost in cyberspace. SOB. So I’m having to rewrite a few of them… The important ones at least.

This post is part of our #weddingdressadventures – so it’s an important one to rehash!

This was from our little trip to Seville, Spain and we got back to our little villa and almost laughed off taking “wedding snaps” in favour of a siesta… but I’m very glad we didn’t! Warren eventually hustled us up with some music (and possibly some sangria, I forget) – and we eventually emerged ready to take our shots in the Spanish sunset!

 photo wedding dress seville_zpscr2y1gcp.jpg

heading down in the villa elevator – always a very random moment emerging from your hotel room/bathroom/ public toilet/ restaurant in a wedding kit!

 photo wedding dress seville2_zpsts0pveww.jpg
 photo wedding dress seville20_zpsvcvagnx8.jpg
 photo wedding dress eville4_zpstpq1hox3.jpg

We hit up the local square and then asked some strangers (with epic language barrier) to try and take a photo of us…

 photo wedding dress seville4_zps31ukucgh.jpg

which was an altogether great thing.

But then we managed to find someone else who was slightly more adept at handing a phone camera.

 photo wedding dress seville5_zpsad1y59dj.jpg
 photo wedding dress seville 6_zps4hr0hwsy.jpg
 photo wedding dress seville7_zps1mqh67fk.jpg
 photo wedding dress seville8_zpskwlelzvc.jpg

One of my favourite shots yet!! <3
 photo wedding dress seville17_zpsnitxrdbx.jpg

We then decided to tour the streets of Seville, looking for some Sangria!
 photo wedding dress seville9_zpsccbchvg0.jpg
 photo wedding dress seville10_zps3qtcauil.jpg

And we found it!
 photo wedding dress seville11_zpsv4ozuciq.jpg
 photo wedding dress seville16_zpsmoqphh3v.jpg

Sitting in your suit, in the sunshine, drinking Sangria on a Tuesday, as you do.
 photo wedding dress seville12_zps020zrcvd.jpg
 photo wedding dress seville13_zpsjckmb3xz.jpg
 photo wedding dress seville18_zpsaagxgjor.jpg
 photo wedding dress seville14_zpsrgyeacap.jpg

And then back to our little villa to siesta!

 photo wedding dress seville15_zpszzgwqr7o.jpg

Another one to add to the Wedding Dress Adventures collection!

We have also started an instagram account solely for the wedding dress adventures – take a peek here: @weddingdressadventures if you want to follow along!