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Losing all our wedding photos was pretty devastating… but it definitely has been fun “re-creating our wedding album” around the world! It’s always a bit of a tricky thing trying to find a place to change INTO YOUR WEDDING ATTIRE when you are strolling new city streets with a wedding dress stuffed into your back pack.

Luckily though for our trip to Sydney Australia over Christmas 2015/2016, my family were on hand to help out… We did however still have to get changed in a dodgy public toilet – but luckily my mom was there to help make sure my dress didn’t touch anything… suspicious. The boys got on with helping Warren trying to get his bow tie sorted…

Brother Blake snapped this pic of Warr (and my dad) emerging from the “change room” – coincidentally 6 is the date we were married! Who needs professional wedding photos when you have artistic shots like this?!

It was so boiling hot, and my mom and I had to wait AGES for the boys to emerge. (boys, sigh)

 photo dress oz2_zpsl5rlvrx1.jpg

I very nearly melted, but the mom still got me to do a few twirls –

 photo dressoz1_zpscuwoywnq.jpg

We headed over to the bridge we had scouted for our “Sydney Opera House” shot and then realised we have to wait in the queue with half of Asia. So we sat patiently waiting on the docks –

 photo dress oz4_zps9ruv7ijh.jpg

We pretended to be a Daniel Wellington advert –

 photo dress oz5_zps04kfska6.jpg

ahem *coughs*

 photo dress oz7_zpswt2z8ym7.jpg

Eventually we inched closer to the Big Ol’ opera house!

 photo dress oz6_zpsndm0v5js.jpg


 photo dress oz9_zpsypi1vfd1.jpg
 photo dress oz10_zpsumzly8wn.jpg
 photo dress oz8_zpsxvh4q9zp.jpg

Sydney Opera House, Australia: Check.
 photo dress oz11_zpsuebmluyr.jpg
 photo dress oz16_zpsdxvcx7m4.jpg

It doesn’t look like it, but we had begun to amass quite the crowd of onlookers…

 photo dress oz12_zpsqa6ykztm.jpg
 photo dress oz13_zpsn3s1yegd.jpg
 photo dress oz14_zps4xxfqcr1.jpg
 photo dress oz15_zps0izjksep.jpg
 photo dress oz18_zps7kkxqe4z.jpg

Next we decided (after a bit of persuading from my mother) so head around the Sydney Harbour to get some pics of the Sydney Harbour Bridge…

 photo dress oz17_zps7dsggsqh.jpg
 photo dress oz19_zpsgczwcfma.jpg
 photo dress oz20_zpsebet06sk.jpg

At this point we had gathered a few cheers and shouts from onlookers and even one of the Asian Tourists who decided that we were better subjects for his pictures than the Opera House. Lol.

There was a giant ship that was docked just to the right – and when the people on the top deck saw us in our wedding kit there was much shouting and congratulating from the boat!!
 photo dress oz21_zps9wulzflo.jpg
 photo dress oz22_zpsubyxy3lm.jpg
 photo dress oz23_zpskvrw3nyb.jpg
 photo dress oz24_zpsxn15fysb.jpg
 photo dress oz25_zpstteikucp.jpg
 photo dress oz26_zpsfan4fowp.jpg

After all our adventures, we decided to try and find a place to change out of our wedding kit and have a cold celebratory drink!

I will be honest the entire wedding adventures photo taking is WAY easier getting pictures when you have your bridesmaid (mother), director (father) and photographer (brother) all on hand to help!

We eventually wondered up to the Museum of Contemporary Art and snuck into the bathroom to change –

 photo dress oz28_zps5dd1vzqg.jpg
 photo dress oz30_zpsbdjtcclt.jpg
 photo dress oz29_zpsoj9faulq.jpg

Another adventure added to the list!
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Supporting cast:

Bride: Ché Dyer
Groom: Warren Dyer

Photographer: Blake Kershaw
Director: Graham Kershaw
Chief Bridesmaid: Denise Kershaw

Wedding Dress: Maryke