Winter is upon us in London Town and I am NOT a fan. I thought I would share a funny conversation that happened the other night with le Husband:

 photo penguin chat1_zps4mnje7su.jpg
 photo penguin chat2_zps7zbcko93.jpg
 photo penguin chat3_zps3x71hfef.jpg

Warren: Yeah, I know.
 photo pengiun chat4_zpsnrpopv61.jpg

(Science, obviously)

 photo penguin chat5_zpsjhnrkxec.jpg
 photo penguin chat6_zpsrl8if9o9.jpg
 photo penguin chat7_zpsrhtt047h.jpg
 photo penguin chat8_zpszxprpv14.jpg
 photo penguin chat9_zpsanlqlawc.jpg
 photo penguin chat10_zpsa7pi5lni.jpg
 photo penguin chat11_zpstfwjbwpc.jpg
 photo penguin chat12_zpsatve7kop.jpg
 photo penguin chat13_zpsvzhmvhcc.jpg
 photo penguin chat15_zps4adnrqxv.jpg
 photo penguin chat14_zpspg8ct7gb.jpg

So then after we lolled for about 7 minutes about our great Penguin joke (actual hysterics), we kissed goodnight and then snuggled down to sleep.

Warr, turned away from me and we both lay absolutely silently dead-still.

 photo penguin chat16_zps9hig5pvr.jpg
 photo panguin chat17_zps6fuvx6v5.jpg

(For the record: Still lying absolutely silently dead-still)

 photo penguin chat18_zpsfwq2q3z3.jpg
 photo penguin chat 19_zps16k6hee0.jpg
 photo penguin chat20_zpswkztp4jr.jpg
 photo penguin chat21_zpsfb4vz8sb.jpg
 photo penguin chat22_zpsh943paer.jpg
 photo penguin chat23_zpsiu8txfrq.jpg

After several more minutes of intense and silent brain-stewing –

 photo penguin chat24_zpsmlsvu7yc.jpg
 photo penguin chat25_zpstbv3h3sn.jpg

 photo penguin chat 26_zpslmlcq3pa.jpg

 photo penguin chat26_zps0burzfnh.jpg

Me: I have LITERALLY not moved a muscle!

Warren: *shrugs*

 photo penguin chat27_zpszrrnxnbp.jpg
 photo penguin chat28_zpsd2xbgko6.jpg

And then I definitely couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night on account of all the lols.

* * * *

Actually if I’m honest I haven’t slept that well this whole week – coming back to London from my trip home has been hard to get back into routine, especially considering it’s been so cold and putting on workout clothes feels like the worst kind of torture when you could rather honestly just be under a blanket with woolly socks… (AND IT’S NOT EVEN HARD-CORE WINTER YET). We’ve also (accidentally) been having chocolate and pudding and sugary (slash delicious) things in the evenings after dinner – which I think is definitely affecting my sleep.

I’m actually super looking forward to the #inspiredNovember challenge that I’m running on instagram as I’m sure it will give me a little bit of accountability (and a kick up the bum) to get back on track! It’s a combo of movement, creativity, yoga, and living big – so if you are keen to join in, you can follow me there.  I have another few personal blog posts floating around in my mind – re: niché’s, blogging, freelance life and babies – but ya know – will get on those in good time.

I hope you are all well and are looking forward to a good weekend.

When Warren asked me what I wanted to do this Sunday, I replied with, “Be warm, Stay home and clean” ( I KNOW – WHO AM I?!?), perhaps I’m becoming an adult after all.


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