Wedding Dress Adventures, India March 2017

I’m so super excited to bring you another edition of the WEDDING DRESS ADVENTURES! Half way through my yoga teacher training in Goa india – The Warr messaged (in the intermittent wifi) to tell me […]

To BE, or NOT to Bay-BE, that is the question.

I’ve always thought I would have children.

Like in the “first-comes-love-then-comes-marriage-then-comes-a-baby-in-a-golden-carriage” kinda way.

I mean, when I first had ALL-ROUND-ACCESS to the INTERNET (university), I couldn’t really think what good things I should use the internet-and-it’s-googling-powers for […]

Wedding Dress Adventures, Daniel Wellington

A few months ago, I sent a tweet out sharing our wedding dress adventures in Australia, near the Sydney Opera House. In these shots, The Warr is wearing his Daniel Wellington watch, which I bought […]

Wedding Dress Adventures Lion Sands, South Africa

For those who have been following along in our wedding dress adventures – we are SO excited to bring you the next big edition! (And it’s a good one!!).  Our Wedding Dress Adventures first started […]



Winter is upon us in London Town and I am NOT a fan. I thought I would share a funny conversation that happened the other night with le Husband:

Warren: Yeah, I know.

(Science, obviously)

So then after […]

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Wedding Dress Adventures Paris

So, we gave up drinking for 3 months (and saved a mountain of money) which prompted us to take a quick reward-pop over to Paris for a long weekend! Needless to say, we had to bring […]

Mumford & Sons, Gentlemen of the Road.

On Saturday we hit up the Gentlemen of the Road, Summer Stampede Concert at the Queen Elizabeth park – Mumford & Sons, Vampire Weekend, Ben Howard, Bears Den, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic […]

Honeymoon backgammon

On honeymoon, we played a lot of backgammon. A. LOT. I have never known how to play backgammon – but Warren has been playing it for ages right back to when his family […]

Cartoon Insomnia

I am a Night Owl. Completely. Utterly. Through and Through. In fact, If I could sleep until 11am every morning and be awake until 3am – that would suit me juuuust fine. Midnight is right around my […]

Wedding Uber Bride

As you may know – we have lost all our professional wedding pictures. And by “lost” I mean, our wedding photographer had a dog vs hard drive catastrophe and let’s just say the hard drives came off […]

Third Year Anniversary

In the last little while I’ve been having a think about the online platforms that I currently run. I began my personal blog a few years ago, sharing my cartoons and quirky stories with […]

Wedding Dress Adventures The Northern Lights

At the end of 2015 I won a trip to see the Northern Lights courtesy of Transun Travel. It was such an incredible experience and of course, the Wedding Kit came along too! (You can […]

Wedding Dress Adventures Australia

Losing all our wedding photos was pretty devastating… but it definitely has been fun “re-creating our wedding album” around the world! It’s always a bit of a tricky thing trying to find a place to […]

Wedding dress Adventures Seville Spain

So, I’m slightly frustrated at having to type this blog post – as this was originally posted on  – but I am busy moving old content over from indieBerries to (to make space […]

Cartoon: Adventures in Flying

Anyone who has read this blog for a while may know that it is common for me to incur epic stories connecting with travel and flying in particular.

(Read: the time I had to withdraw 1.5million […]

Wedding Dress Adventures: Amsterdam

For those who have been following this blog for some time, you may know that Warren and I lost our wedding photos in a horrific dog-versus-hard-drive fiasco. To catch you up to speed: the hard […]

Wedding Dress Adventures: French Alps

Those who read this blog on a regular basis will know about the EPICALLY HORRIFIC STORY OF OUR WEDDING PHOTOS. For those of you who don’t know the story of our wedding photos (Read HERE) Either way, […]

Wedding Hangover Pack DIY

In the last little while I have been receiving quite a few inquiries about the bespoke wedding guestbooks I create. Which has made me realise that there are a WHOLE lot of readers who are […]

a taste of our love story

A while back, I posted some wedding pictures of me eating (or feeding Warren) “KFC” on our wedding day – and since I have been asked by some indieBerries readers what that was all about […]

Conversations with husband, the veggie edition.

Conversation that took place a short while ago between me and the husband:

“GUESS what I had today” means “GUESS what I had today”

Husband: are you serious?
Self: Do these eyes look like i’m kidding?

husband:  (0_o)

“ha ha […]

Sunday Stories

On Thursday, after a pretty inspirational talk from a friend (you know who you are), I sat down at my computer and attempted to write a blogpost about how I was feeling. I ended up […]

Cartoon: How to survive London Winter in 6 easy steps

Step 1: Around bedtime, encourage your lover to jump into bed before you – under the guise of being “extra sweet”

Step 2: Encourage your lover to come closer.

(use your seductive eyes. Throw in words like “handsome”)

Step 3:

Step […]

Wedding Dress Adventures: Belgium

It’s been on my travel bucket list for a while now to see the big festivals all over the world. This past July Warr and I and a bunch of awesome mates headed off to […]

Saddest Bride

Dear readers,

bear with me – this post is slightly more “wordy” than you are used to seeing on indieBerries – but shortly, you will learn that, actually, words are all I have. I will try […]

DIY Drunken Crafts

So, the other Friday I attempted to make some dinner. Now – let me assure you, that every time I “attempt” to make some dinner – it is always the most massive celebration (wow! a […]


If you follow anyone on twitter/facebook – you will know that the weather in London has been phenomenal of late. Last weekend was the hottest weekend of the year so far. Husband and I […]

DIY paper flowers

Even before I was engaged I had joked with my friends that I would always have paper flowers at my wedding. I’m way more of a “papery” person than a “florally” person – so […]

{DIY} Flower Girl Shoes

Having a rich and vibrant colour scheme for our wedding made all the planning and decision making so much fun. I didn’t allow myself to get bogged down with “this blue doesn’t match that blue” and “that’s the […]

Cartoon: Our First Home Experiences

The Husband and I have been living in our very first home together for just over a month now (or is it two – I can’t tell). Moving in with your husband for the […]

An awesome engagement idea: the letters

Warren and I were engaged on the 6th April 2012 – thanks to his (very romantic) proposal (sigh). We planned our wedding for the 6th April 2013 – exactly one year after the date of our engagement. We decided to document the year […]

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Honeymoon Quilalea

After the most incredibly relaxing “Part One” of our honeymoon – The husband whisked me back off to Jhb where we then flew to Maputo – the capital of Mozambique. From Maputo we flew up north […]


Right before our big-fat wedding day I started to get a bad case of postnuptial-depression © (yes I coined that term – but it’s a real thing). It’s similar to postnatal depression – except it’s for […]

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Hey world

Not to be confused with “war” as in fighting and machine guns and definitely not to be confused with “WAR-ATAHS” (Sorry for mentioning WARATAHS, WARR.) Before we begin…. 
Just to catch you up to speed….       right, […]

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How we met

I have had a few requests from readers asking how The Warr and I met, so thought I would share this little (two part) story with you all.
(ps. the photos you are about to see […]

The Land of Thai

I was having a little  stalking myself on facebook reminiscing afternoon the other day and decided to share some photos that I took from a trip to Thailand that I did with Warren in 2008. This was before […]



Just to fill you in….




Did you miss it?
How could you have? lol. 
Read the full story NOW!! – Click HERE!!

After the massive-well-planned-international-flight-trip-executed-like-a-boss-can’t-believe-you-kept-a-secret-of-that-epic-proportion-from-me-the-sleuthing-queen-proposal-of-a-lifetime – we joined our families, they all hugged it out and we had French Champagne […]

Crap Holes of Asia

After backpacking around Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos for 5 weeks – I feel I have become an unequivocal expert on Asian lavatory-systems. I would like to impart some of my accumulated knowledge with you to […]