Silent yoga retreats are an amazing way to tune into what’s going on in your own head and heart. But if you’ve never done anything like it – it can come across as… erm… a bit… hippie dare I say?

Anna and I were in Bali last year for a gorgeous women’s wellness yoga (and awesomeness) retreat. We had chatted beforehand about creating a silent space in the mornings during yoga and meditation before breakfast to give everyone a bit of time to process, reflect and journal. Not like the WHOLE day in silence, but you know – just a little morning ritual. This silent time was also part of my further training in India earlier this year – I really loved the quiet reflective time and was SO super excited to bring it to the group…

It was a hard sell. haha – but, eventually everyone processed that indeed, yes – I was serious. In a world where we have distraction after distraction and conversations and interruptions and notifications, (not to mention all the loud chatter that goes on in our own heads) in a world where we don’t EVER really get a break from all the noise  – SILENCE IS TRULY GOLDEN, PEOPLE.


So towards the end of the retreat, we were sitting having dinner – sharing, laughing and reflecting on the week of yoga, journaling and connecting – when suddenly Kristi announced that she had a VERY funny thing to share with us regarding the very first morning of “morning silence”.

The next thing off she disappeared to her room –

She reappeared moments later carrying her journal – and turned to the entry from day one of the retreat  –



and begins to read as follows:

It was too hilarious and the entire table cracked up at the journal entry! We had such a good lol after that!

(AND – just for authenticity’s sake – here is the original journal page {shared with permission, obv})


tell me Kirsti – having returned back to the busy-loud noise of London…. just HOW MUCH do you miss your quiet Bali mornings?! 😛

* * * *

We have just opened up retreat dates for 2018 (27th October – 3 November 2018 – right about the time you need to escape London chills). 
Spaces haven’t been publicly released yet, but keep your eyes peeled for when they are, as some spaces have already been filled and last year spaces it booked up within weeks!