For those who have kept an eye on my instagram feed, you may know that a little while ago I opened up an enquiry to see if there was anyone interested in joining me on a personal development plan type “thing”. I wasn’t quite sure if anyone would be interested (or even want to join me at all!) and I wasn’t even really sure what the journey would look like or how it would evolve. All I knew was the general framework that I wanted to explore and that it would involve creative exercises, journaling, yoga, meditation, movement, self-inquiry, purpose and a whole stash of self-love wrapped up in a bundle of warm-fuzzy accountability.

Within a few minutes of sharing that post my inbox was literally flooded with women from across the globe who wanted to be part of this guided self discovery journey.

It floored me.

And even more than that it made me realise how deeply we need this type of work in the world. Or more specifically: how much we as a society need the space, accountability and guidance to truly connect back to ourselves, our bodies, our souls, our purpose and our wild creativity.

I took on two incredible ladies from opposite ends of the globe (one in London and the other in New York) to dive into this, pretty unchartered territory, self discovery program with me and in the moment they said “yes!” the seeds of  Voyage to the Soul were planted.

online self development plan

This creative mind, body and soul journey was organised using the following framework –

self development plan

Creative Mind Body and Soul Self Development Plan

Over 7  weeks we explored 5 different themes: Dharma (Purpose), Self Love, Body + Mind Connection, Intuition and Creativity/spirituality through a variety of creative exercises, journal prompts, meditations, yoga, soul work and reading material. We met each week via skype to check in (30 – 45 mins) and for me to give them the next weeks activities or for me to guide them through exercises on the call. I am so grateful to how whole-heartedly these women showed up to this program and showed up for themselves whilst on this journey! It’s not my place to share their journey but I know for sure they had some incredible moments throughout our time together – but I will let their words speak for themselves:

This course with Ché brought me on a journey to discover a self that I had within me all along. I got in touch with the creative child, one not afraid of failure when she sets out to explore her big ideas. I learned about connections between my body and mind, connections that–once tapped into–allowed me to understand myself a little bit better. I learned new ways to approach the world, teaching me the beauty of loving interactions with strangers, the importance of reexamining our perspectives, and the power we have over manifesting our dreams. With our little community of three, I found support, love, and inspiration as we went on a little journey to our souls. Throughout our adventure, we were provided so many tools–exercises, creative prompts, questions to ask ourselves–to use along the way. I know I will be coming back to these exercises, readings, and activities again and again because the voyage to my soul is not yet complete! – Isabel (NY)


I started this journey in the midst of redundancy. Lost, confused, scared and making an appointment with my doctor because my depression and anxiety had come back and I couldn’t cope. Che listened to where I was in my life and in my head and gently guided me week by week to let go of the things I cannot change. Let go of the things weighing me down. I have found my connection with the universe – a relationship I will need to continue to work on. Che had a cynical yet frustrated creative on her hands 7 weeks ago. Now I use yoga to help meditate and clear my mind in a way I never knew. I feel lighter and a very aware of my aura. This is down to rebalancing my chakra (that Che predicted was out of balance), working through releasing my creative energies and looking at different ways to let that energy flow. Over these 7 weeks I have found my purpose in life. And surprisingly for me, it has nothing to do with the job I ended up getting half way through this programme. My purpose is to serve the universe by providing more positive vibrations than I can feel. Making people smile, leaving them with the warm feeling in their hearts, feeling good about themselves and the space they are in. My heart is open and I work every day to keep it so. I am, and forever will be, eternally grateful for Che’s guidance, enthusiasm, care and attention because she really and truly has changed my life. – Lettie (UK)

self development plan
For me personally, I know that this is the work I am truly meant to do and I feel so grateful to be able to offer it more formally to anyone who would like to join me on this journey.

personal development course
I’m opening up 2 spaces for the next course which will run from the week of October 2nd – November 13th.
(Exact day and time for the “virtual check-ins” will be worked out with those who sign up). 

I’m offering this at an intro price of £250 or two payments of £150

What you will get on this creative self development journey:
It’s a bit tricky for me write a bullet point of “things you will get” because it’s not really like that, and I am sure that “what you will get” will be way more than a bullet point checklist of “stuff”.
What I can tell you is that it will include audio meditations, yoga practices, journal prompts, worksheets, creative exercises and accountability through a weekly group skype check in. And maybe if that is not quite enough to convince you, then signing up will be your first lesson in trust. 😉

Since I’m only opening 2 spaces on this journey at the moment, it will be a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in joining me – please contact me via email on

self development plan

The bottom line:

7 week creative mind body and soul journey with me!
Week of Oct 2 – November 13
2 spots only, first come first served.
£250 or two payments of £150
Mail me ( to sign up or if you have any questions.

* You will be required to get yourself a journal for this personal growth course and come with an open heart!