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Vrksasana  // Tree Pose

Getting into the pose:

To enter Tree pose begin in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and bring the sole of the foot up onto the leg. Choose anywhere on the leg that is comfortable for the body – it could be the ankle, the calf or the thigh – making sure to avoid the knee. Traditionally the hands are taken to prayer at the heart – peace fingers are optional (but totally rad).

Common Errors in the pose:
Rolling onto the inside or outside of the foot – make sure you ground down through all corners of the feet – pressing down evenly as you rise through the crown of the head. If you choose to raise your arms overhead as a variation – make sure you still create space between the neck and the shoulders.

Benefits of the pose:

  • Builds strength in the legs.
  • Builds focus and concentration
  • Begins to work into the external rotation of the femur bone

Transitions well into:

Eagle Pose, Warrior III