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5 ways to deal with the gremlin of self doubt

So I’ve been in a funk of late. Call it the moon, or hormones or current creative cycle, whatever. In these moments of funkiness (albeit that makes it sound way cooler than it actually is) there is a tendency for that little gremlin of self doubt to creep it’s way into your head. You know what…

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To BE, or NOT to Bay-BE, that is the question.

Am I ready to have a baby? I’ve always thought I would have children. Like in the “first-comes-love-then-comes-marriage-then-comes-a-baby-in-a-golden-carriage” kinda way. I mean, when I first had ALL-ROUND-ACCESS to the INTERNET (university), I couldn’t really think what good things I should use the internet-and-it’s-googling-powers for and so somehow settled on baby names. Yes, I literally had…

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