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Most powerful mantra: How to create a guiding mantra for the year

most powerful mantra

Happy January (although it’s already nearly over)! And New Year! I’ve been wanting to write a post on this for a little while now as it’s something that I have been speaking about a lot in my yoga classes over the past few weeks: creating a personal mantra or guiding theme for the year. If…

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Wedding Dress Adventures: Daniel Wellington

A few months ago, I sent a tweet out sharing our wedding dress adventures in Australia, near the Sydney Opera House. In these shots, The Warr is wearing his Daniel Wellington watch, which I bought for his birthday three years ago, so I decided to tag @Daniel Wellington in the tweet telling them our wedding…

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Wedding Dress Adventures: Lion Sands Wedding, South Africa

lion sands wedding

For those who have been following along in our wedding dress adventures – we are SO excited to bring you the next big “lion sands wedding” edition! (And it’s a good one!!).  Our Wedding Dress Adventures first started in 2013 when we lost all our professional wedding photos. After hearing that terrible news (and crying…

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