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Wedding Dress Adventures Paris

wedding outfit couple

So, we gave up drinking for 3 months (and saved a mountain of money) which prompted us to take a quick reward-pop over to Paris for a long weekend! Needless to say, we had to bring our wedding kit along to add to the Wedding Dress Adventures! (You can follow along on instagram here). It’s always…

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Yoga for beginners: How to start yoga at home

yoga for beginners

If you’ve ever tried to start a yoga practice at home, you may (at some time or other) run into the following ahem… “roadblocks”. Although this post is titled how to start yoga at home – (as I will share with you something I wish I had had when I first started practicing yoga at…

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Mumford & Sons, Gentlemen of the Road.

mumford and sons

On Saturday we hit up the Gentlemen of the Road, Summer Stampede Concert at the Queen Elizabeth park – Mumford & Sons, Vampire Weekend, Ben Howard, Bears Den, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and HAIM. i know, can you even handle? The whole Olympic Park was created to resemble an old school fair ground…

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Best honeymoon locations: Exeter Lodge

best honeymoon locations

If you’re looking for the best honeymoon locations, this is it! On honeymoon, we played a lot of backgammon. A. LOT. I have never known how to play backgammon – but Warren has been playing it for ages right back to when his family owned Oaklands guest house. He was a little kid back then and used…

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Cartoon Insomnia

I am a Night Owl. Completely. Utterly. Through and Through. In fact, If I could sleep until 11am every morning and be awake until 3am – that would suit me juuuust fine. Midnight is right around my peak-waking hour. Husband on the other hand, is a Morning Sparrow. His alarm goes off and he’s all like  “Oh…

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Wedding Uber Bride

As you may know – we have lost all our professional wedding pictures. And by “lost” I mean, our wedding photographer had a dog vs hard drive catastrophe and let’s just say the hard drives came off second best. You can read the whole long sob story here. I have been trying to go through the few random…

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Tips for your first yoga retreat: 10 lessons I learnt

tips for your first yoga retreat

It’s been a BUSY last few months! In fact, a CRAZY busy last few months leading up to the launch of my Yoga Guides (more on that to come!). June was packed filled with finalising Yoga Guides, Arm Balance workshops, graphic work, wedding guestbooks and a retreat to Tuscany with Anna Marsh of Anna Marsh Nutrition. I’m…

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