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How to become a vegetarian?

becoming a vegetarian

Before I start, I’d like to just clarify that the title of this post, “How to be vegetarian” is largely misleading, because although I eat a largely plant based diet, I don’t really consider myself a “vegetarian”. I do eat fish on occasion. However, I’ve had quite a few messages and emails from a few…

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DIY yoga tank top (quick and easy!)

DIY yoga tank top

I wanted to share a SUPER quick and SUPER easy DIY tutorial for turning an old baggy T-shirt into a yoga tank top! This DIY will literally take you 15 minutes and all you need is an old T-shirt (size doesn’t matter- so you can totally steal one from your husband’s cupboard) and a pair…

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Get the Look: The 3 Yoga Looks to shop

grey yoga clothes

As much as I’d love to tell you that I’ve transcended all earthly desires and wants for material possessions, the honest truth is, that nothing excites me more than the thought of new yoga gear. (Satya, after all). There is just something completely motivating about buying a new pair of yoga pants. Or, if you’re…

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9 inspiring reads for yogis

best self help books

Since there was such a good response to the previous post I shared with 11 recommended reads for yogis I thought I would share a few more books I’ve enjoyed recently if anyone is looking for something inspiring to dip into! Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear This book comes from the same author as Eat,…

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