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5 tips for choosing a Yoga Teacher training abroad

Since completing my yoga teacher training, one of the most common questions I have been asked is, “Do you know of any good places where I can do my yoga teacher training?”. From my own experience of completing my 200 hour teacher training, I can definitely say that once the first 200 hours is under…

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Yoga Journal #84: Weekends

yoga london past graduate

Having a little check in on the January habits and routine thing. I’ve definitely noticed it’s easier to keep the habits up over the week than it is over the weekend when the “usual” routine shifts slightly in any case – we wake up later, usually have coffee in bed and the day starts there…

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Yoga Journal #83: Habits & Routine

yoga teacher training process

As part of January (and the mailer that went out this afternoon) I’ll be focusing on habits and routine this month and have an accountability chart to track my progress. Am working on maintaining 5 “resolutions” this month – 1. a morning routine (including journaling, yoga, meditation, reading) 2. an evening routine, (including ten mins…

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Caturanga Dandasana

Chaturanga Dandasana // Four-limbed-Staff-pose (chat = four; anga = limb; danda = staff; asana = posture) Getting into the pose: To enter Caturanga Dandasana begin in a plank position, palms grounding down into the mat directly under the shoulders. Create a long line in the spine by drawing the shoulders down and away from the neck as…

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