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What is intention?

Sometimes in our yoga practice, we may hear the teacher asking us to “set an intention” for the practice. What does it actually mean? How does it work? And why do we do it? If you look up intention in the big ol’ book of words, it says something along the lines of, ” intention…

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How to get motivated to exercise: beat the winter blues

how to get motivated to exercise

You guys, I can’t tell you what this weather does to me. No, wait. I can. It makes me NOT want to get out of bed, it makes me NOT want to do yoga, (partly because doing yoga means changing clothes which involves a few extra seconds of air+skin contact), it makes me want to eat…

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Yoga Girl Instagram: The Yoga Selfie

yoga girl instagram

Since the massive blast of yoga taking over social media (instagram in particular), yogis around the world have been more and more keen to share bits of their practice, their well executed asanas and the epic capabilities of their yogi-bods (wrapped in the latest yogi-fashions obv). When it comes to the “yoga selfie” it seems that…

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