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Become a yoga teacher: how to know you are ready

become a yoga teacher

There comes a point in many people’s personal yoga practice where they have a feeling of “I WANT MORE OF THIS” and as such many look to starting a yoga teacher training course. In the last little while, I have been asked (emailed/facebooked/messaged/stopped in the street) about this many MANY times (4 times in the…

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5 tips for creating a sacred yoga space

Today I wanted to share my tips about creating a sacred space for your yoga practice. Firstly, yoga is not just exercise. It’s a WHOLE bunch of things. (Although, if you’re interested in my thoughts on yoga versus exercise you can read here). Because yoga is SO much more than a couple of down dogs and…

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Dancer's Pose

Natajarasana  // Dancer’s Pose Getting into the pose: To enter Dancer’s Pose, start in Tadasana – grounding down the left foot and bending the right knee to bring the right foot up towards the bum. Rotate the right palm to face away from the right thigh – thumb pointing behind you – this encourages the shoulder to…

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  Garudasana  // Eagle Pose Getting into the pose: To enter Eagle pose begin in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and bend the knees as if coming into chair pose. Then root down through the left foot and slowly pick up the right foot and cross it over the left at the knee, if it is available, hook the ankle…

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Distance Energy Healing

The further and further I go down this “yoga” rabbit hole – the more hippie weird I seem to become. It’s as if things that were a few years ago VERY foreign and “absurd” to me, are now like… totally normal. I throw words like “the universe” and “energy” around a lot. Things like “reiki” and…

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  Vrksasana  // Tree Pose Getting into the pose: To enter Tree pose begin in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and bring the sole of the foot up onto the leg. Choose anywhere on the leg that is comfortable for the body – it could be the ankle, the calf or the thigh – making sure to avoid the knee.…

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