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Virabhadrasana I

Warrior I

Virabhadrasana I // Warrior I Getting into the pose: To enter Warrior I, begin in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and take a big step back with the right leg, bringing the back foot in at 45 degrees. Both hips are facing forward as you inhale to bring the arms up overhead. Exhale to take a bend…

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Virabhadrasana II

Warrior II

  Virabhadrasana II // Warrior II Getting into the pose: To come into Warrior II, start in Tadasana and take a big step out to the right – placing the right foot facing forward and the back foot parallel to the short side of your mat. Inhale to reach the arms parallel to the floor…

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How to be a morning person: morning vs evening yoga

how to be a morning person

I had a question the other day about whether it’s better to do yoga in the morning or yoga in the evening. And it’s such a good question because I personally have a love-hate (hate/hate) relationship with mornings. (See here). In fact, every single morning, without fail, I wake up with what we (husband +…

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Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel Pose

  Fallen Angel Pose How to get into the pose: To get into Fallen Angel, start from tadasana and bend the knees, twisting the upper body and placing the hands on the mat to the right of you (as if you were entering side crow). Press into the hands and lift the hips up. Bend the elbows…

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Salamba Sarvangasana // Shoulderstand Note: In many yoga traditions shoulderstand is not practiced if you are pregnant or currently menstruating. The reason for this due to the natural flow of energy. In both of these “conditions” (lol) the natural energy flow of the body is downwards and out and this posture (as well as other…

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Bakasana Crow pose

Bakasana // Crow Pose Getting into the pose: Start from standing in Tadasana, feet hips distance apart. Hinge at the hips and place the hands firmly into the floor, bending the knees if needed. If you’re starting out, take a deep bend in the arms (think Caturanga arms!) and place the knees onto the shelf…

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Ardha Uttanasana

  Ardha Uttanasana // Half Intense Stretch Pose (Half forward fold) Getting into the pose: Standing with the feet rooting down into the earth, hinge from the hips and let the chest come halfway down – creating length in the spine as you gaze to the horizon. There is the option of coming up onto…

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Bandhas & Bubbles: My yoga philosophy

It’s been a while since I had a gap (“gap” being relatively speaking… {ahem, I still have a crap ton of stuff to get finished today, lol}) that I sat down to write a blog post! But thought I would share some of the snaps from my first two yoga events, “Bandhas and Bubbles” –…

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Yoga Journal #82: Feeling ALIVE (& thought choices)

yoga london teacher training

Feeling ALIVE. Started my 6 week course last night and absolutely LOVED IT. I think the thing I am most looking forward to is seeing the change and the growth of these 11 yogis who are sharing this experience with me. No matter how far I go in my yoga “career” and no matter where…

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How to do Ujjayi Breath

how to do ujjayi breath

The other day we were sitting on the couch eating dinner when the following conversation occurred. I’d like to title the following episode “What it’s like to be married to a yoga teacher” Luckily husband has no choice  is a very willing set of ears. In fact, he has probably heard enough yoga jargon to qualify…

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