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Review: Anti gravity yoga

anti gravity yoga

I was invited to attend an anti gravity yoga class at The Third Space in Soho. Of course, having recently completed my yoga teacher training, I absolutely JUMPED at the idea since I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try out anti-gravity yoga! The two anti-gravity yoga teachers Esther and Nadia were SO super helpful and friendly. Esther…

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How to handstand: the art of the abs. And the secret mystery of life.

how to handstand

The thing is, everybody wants to pop their tail-feather up into a handstand. Don’t try and hide it – I know you do. Whether or not it’s a “handstand” in particular, we all want those super impressive “power-poses” – those ones that sky rocket you to INSTA-FAME. I have spent many weeks trying tirelessly to…

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Yoga Journal #79: Freestylin’

yoga journal writing

Busy working out a sequence to teach tomorrow! Have plotted out a basic structure but deciding to wing it a bit – don’t want to be stuck with scripts all the time and think I will learn faster and grow quicker as a yoga teacher if I move away from them. Obviously I have an…

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Yoga Journal #78: Back to journalling

yoga london past graduate

Took a bit of a break from journalling after the end of the course just to catch up with life etc! I’m SO excited to assimilate everything we’ve learnt in the real world! Have been to a Mysore practice and can’t believe how amazing it is – am definitely feeling like my practice is progressing…

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Real life yogi: sitting like a yoga teacher.

For those who read indieBerries or follow my yoga instagram account, you may know that I recently completed my yoga teacher training with Yoga London. It was an absolutely incredible experience and I have been transcribing my journal from the training into the Yoga Journal Section of this blog. Anywhoo, one of the first tidbits of…

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